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We want you to create a video that highlights the negative impact of the bills that Faso has supported during his time in Congress. Please watch this video and learn how you can participate in the video series, #FasoGottaGo.   This Series will run from now until the election. This is very much on-going. Feel free to do more than one. The votes keep on coming.

Don’t want to focus on votes but wish to express yourself? No problem! We love those clips too!

If you think this request is just for younger activists, the answer is NO!  For this project to succeed, we need activists of all ages to participate.  So, fire up your video recorders, and let us know how Faso’s votes are not representative of our District.

Here is a great suggestion: “I think the best way for it to work if for people to have small “video” parties so that they can get together, help videotape each other. Like a letter writing, phone bank or canvassing party. When people work as teams as opposed to individually, they are more effective. We all need to motivate one another. Less video savvy folks could use a little motivation and guidance.” If you need guidance we are here to help!

This is an action that can be lots of fun. Contact:

Watch Representative John Faso #NY19 praise disgraced Sheriff David Clarke while speaking at an Oath Keepers Annual Fundraising Dinner. Oath Keepers is an anti-government American far-right organization associated with the patriot and militia movements.


March 3 United We Win ‘Social’

Judith Enck: A dynamic community leader who has spent her entire career working to protect public health and the environment. Judith spoke on the Trump Assault on the Environment.

Part 2:

Michael Kink is Executive Director of the Strong Economy for All Coalition, a labor-community coalition focused on economic fairness & income inequality. Mike is speaking about State Senator Sue Serino’s issue positions and will lead a discussion on how to replace her! Also Introducing Karen Smythe; candidate for State Senate in NY District 41. Karen plans to replace Sue in 2018.

The March 9 Rally

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