PowerPoint Presentation: 

Video Workshop for Resistors

  1. Rationale and potential for distribution
    1. Personal testimonials are an effective way to reach undecided voters
    2. People tend to listen to those who are like themselves
    3. Personal experiences reach out on an emotional level
    4. Peer-to-peer communication
    5. Locally (#FasoGottaGo, local candidate websites, YouTube, Facebook))
    6. Nationally (Facebook, YouTube, DNC, Move-On, Indivisible)
  2. Legalities – need for permission/release form from participants to protect videographer and ensure participants are aware of how the video may be used
  3. How we relate to the digital video image
    1. person-to-person nature of video in this format
    2. need to make presentations natural and conversational
  4. Focusing the message
    1. brief – no more than one or two key points
    2. stay on message
    3. can be about a vote or position
    4. outline a few bullet points
    5. can be on a note card or paper
    6. can be next to the camera
    7. series tagline #FasoGottaGo at the end for consistency (say it and put it into the graphic)
  5. Advantages and disadvantages of using cards and notes
    1. Important to maintain eye contact with camera/viewer
    3. Run through it once or twice at most until you or the speaker seems comfortable
  6. Remember that speaking to a camera is really speaking to a person.
    1. IF YOU’RE SHOOTING, Have the speaker relate to YOU, behind the camera, and talk to YOU, not the camera.
    2. This should be a conversation
    3. If you’re taking a selfie video, imagine the camera is someone you know. Don’t “orate.” Be informal and conversational.
  7. Covering an event
    1. Need for an “establishing” or wide shot to set the scene
    2. Use a series of closer shots of important parts of the event. Remember that people are watching on relatively small screens.
    3. If you’re streaming, it is better to move with the camera than attempting to use the zoom function
    4. Storage on phone – most phones have limited storage for video. Some allow you to add more storage.
    5. Battery back-up: video recording uses a lot of power so make sure you have an external battery

Practical Hints and Techniques

  1. “Phoneography”
    1. Framing and composition (If they are speaking about a vote this is where they could follow the original concept and put up the bill # on the wall)
    2. Camera operation tricks for sharper, steadier, clearer images
    3. Don’t zoom with your phone!
  2. Using a video camera
    1. Same rules for framing & composition
    2. Minimal zoom with your camera. A motion must be motivated and make sense.
  3. If you’re planning to edit…
  4. SOUND!
  5. Uploading (Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
  6. Practice workshop with participants acting as both speakers and camerapersons
  7. Last step: where to send your video for graphics enhancements: msw@indivisiblethefightison.com

Video Release Form for video distribution:

Video Release Form