Day 572 – Anger Abroad

Traveling overseas in Europe this week I’m struck by the uniformity of coverage of Trump in the mainstream English-speaking media.  Between CNN Int’l, BBC, Sky and others, the coverage has been characterized by outrage and denunciation.  They’ve been beating the crap out of him, especially in the wake of his comments about Omerosa (low life, dog) and his refusal to mention or credit Sen John McCain when announcing passage of a bill named after the senator.  Maybe the coverage is the same in the states, but in Europe there is no holding back, no bringing in a conservative to give a ridiculous defense of the indefensible.

It’s also striking, and simultaneously depressing, to visit so many countries (five in seven days) that have great infrastructure, fantastic cell/internet/broadband coverage, extremely low crime, better produce, and batter healthcare. It’s so important that we continue to fight for a better and fairer and more just America.

Meanwhile John Faso fights for the billionaires while destroying our hard-won safety net and supporting a corrupt and vile president.  Let’s keep working to elect Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…

Day 571 – Against Trump

Trump’s visit yesterday to Utica was met by hundreds of protesters.  The event was outside our district but it might have been the only chance for us to protest Trump in our region.

Mohawk Valley Indivisible said over 1,300 people RSVP’d for the protest, and news reposts put the actual number of attendees at several hundred, far more than the 100 or so that came to support Trump at the Claudia Tenney fundraiser he was in town to attend.

Beyond the usual red meat BS that Trump tossed to his cult of followers, Trump mispronounced Elise Stefanik’s name several times, which is par for the course.

A far more interesting item emerged yesterday in Politico from David Glosser. Who is David Glosser?  The uncle of Trump adviser Stephen Miller.

Glosser writes a poignant and passionate essay on his family’s journey to America, and why the policies formulated by Miller and implemented by the Trump regime are a betrayal of their values and history. It’s a powerful read.  And it’s not the first time a family member of a Trump administrator has gone public to express their shame and outrage.

Of course, John Faso has remained silent on the myriad corruption, lies and policy disasters of the Trump White House.  So let’s keep working to elect Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…

Day 570 – Resisting Trumpism

Trump continues to rage against the Mueller probe on Twitter, constantly referencing Fox News segments as the source of his facts and outrage e.  He wants desperately to paint the FBI and DOJ as villains out to get him, and one of his favorite Fox propagandists, Judge Janine Pirro, recently went so far as to ask whether Mueller was a greater threat to America than Putin.  That’s the level of toxic crazy Fox has sunk to in their support of Trump.

Rage is the essence of Trump, and nobody has done a better job of clarifying and simplifying the Trump phenomenon than Jim Wright, aka Stonekettle on social media.  I strongly encourage you to read his blog post about the essence of Trumpism.  Here is an info and signup link:

Trump and Fox whip up anger around  false fears of Mexican rapists and MS-13 gangs, while the anger WE feel is tied to the real destruction of hard-fought gains, the reversal of progress, the debasement of the office of the president, and the flood of corruption by the Trump team.  It’s entirely appropriate that we use this legitimate anger to our advantage in November.

Trump is visiting UTICA his evening and a large protest is being planned by Mohawk Valley Indivisible at 4pm so join them if you can and let Trump know that his poisonous rhetoric and lies aren’t welcome in NY-19.  Info here:

Let’s keep working to elect Delgado, Fire Feckess Faso, and resist Trumpism…

Day 569 – Help Our District Vote

Below is an important article dissecting the 2016 election.  It concludes that voter apathy was a strong factor in the election of Trump, further highlighting the need for us to keep working to get out the vote this November.

The most significant impact we can have is to Fire Faso and start to put some pressure and oversight on the corrupt Trump regime.  If you’re looking for a way to get involved and contribute there is a Summer canvass TODAY at multiple locations. You can find more info on their Facebook event page here:

Have a great Sunday and let’s keep working to elect Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…

Day 568 – Get Rid of Nunes & Faso

So many Republican politicians have debased themselves under the Trump regime, but few have gone quite as low as Devin Nunes.  He was recently recorded during a private conversation telling Republican donors that the GOP needed to win the midterms so they could protect Trump from the Mueller investigation.  Why would Nunes sell his country down the river to support a corrupt, dishonest, and potentially criminal president?  It’s possible that Nunes himself has some exposure to the Mueller probe, or it’s possible that he’s simply willing to do anything to get tax breaks for billionaires, or both.

Either way, Nunes is a disgrace to his county and deserves to be sent home this November   If you give any money to any politician outside our district or state, you might consider giving to Nunes’ opponent, Andrew Janz, who is running a strong race and could possibly pull an upset.  Our nation will be safer and more secure when Nunes is no longer on the Intelligence Committee acting like a partisan hack.

What are the chances of removing Nunes and other Republican incumbents?  Michelle Goldberg wrote an excellent editorial in the NY Times about the Democratic chances this Fall:

We have to stay organized and united as we approach the midterms.  The only way we will begin to beat back the historic corruption of the Trump regime is by voting out his supporters in Congress, and that starts with electing Delgado and Firing Feckless Faso…


Day 567 – The Faso File

Rep John Faso has said nothing about the latest scandals involving Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and NY Congressman Chris Collins.  He’s quick to attack Antonio Delgado for a ten-year old rap album but when it comes to current corruption in his own party, Faso’s silence seems like a bLatent betrayal of his district.

Let’s remind ourselves of Faso’s history and track record, including the lobbying scandal involving his old law firm that resulted in a five year ban on lobbying pension funds–a scandal that more than one report described Faso as being “at the center of”.

Here’s an extensive history courtesy of a post on Indivisible Chatham:

Faso has always worked for the wealthy and powerful, often at the expense of everyone else.   NY-19 deserves a lot better.   Let’s keep working to elect Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…

Day 566 – Continued GOP Corruption

Yesterday the stunning news broke that New York Congressman Chris Collins and his son are being charged with insider trading by the FBI.   Collins has been one of Trump’s earliest and most vocal supporters in the House.  Collins apparently tipped off his son about bad news on an upcoming drug trial and sold stock to avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses.

The charges were just the latest corruption scandal to hit the Trumpublican party this week, following allegations that Secretary Wilbur Ross essentially stole money from money management clients.

The charges also hit close to home in that Collins and Faso partnered to draft an amendment to TrumpCare that greatly reduced the ability of NY residents to deduct state and local taxes from their Federal Income Tax returns.  The Faso-Collins amendment was widely criticized by residents of NY-19 who were economically hurt by the legislation.  Antonio Delgado has now demanded that Faso return campaign contributions received from Collins.

Faso has yet to address, much less condemn, any of the corruption flowing from Trump and the Republican Party   Let’s keep working to elect Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…

**An explosive rumor circulating on Twitter is even more damning for the President.  It suggests that the President and his family were paid $3+ billion by the Saudis to remove the USA from the Iran nuclear deal and reimpose sanctions.  If true, this would certainly be the biggest presidential scandal of the century, so be aware that this story is beginning to circulate.  Trump has constantly overstated his net worth and has always desperately wanted to be in the biggest league of wealth, so this rumor is consistent with the notion that Trump is using the Presidency to enrich himself and family.