Day 633 – How To Fight Back

An excellent Twitter “stream” posted yesterday by an account named “Lincoln’s Bible” and it’s worthy of our attention.  I’m aggregating and reprinting it in its entirety below as a roadmap for how we use language and attitude to beat back the sophisticated GOP propaganda campaign:


Trump’s biggest weapon is his RHETORIC. The fevered rallies, capitulation of Senate GOP, press manipulation, Twitter – ALL rhetoric. There is a machine coordinating the rhetoric across GOP leadership & media to galvanize his power. I’m going to tell you how to defeat it.  Punch back directly at the semantics & re-orient their meaning. Do this WITHOUT outrage. If you do it from outrage, you will lose. You will. What do I mean by this? I’ll give you an example with a single word: MOB. Guess what? That’s the word I’ve been using for nearly 2 yrs.  It has worked unbelievably well to punch a narrative through the noise of Twitter. I am an anonymous account, & I have gone from 0 followers to over 50k because of that one, 3-letter word. Because of it’s potency. “MOB”.  I can & have tied it right to Donald with his own history.With FACTS. With the horrible truth about who his daddy really was, and who Donald is still beholden to. There is a mountain of evidence. Trump Org is, and always has been, a money-laundering front for the mob. And 3 years after he declared his run for POTUS. This truth was finally breaking into MSM coverage. Donald Trump is owned by the mob. Full stop. That is what Trump-Russia is all about. Books were finally surfacing. Cable news finally reporting. This past summer, everyone was saying “MOB.” Remember?

When I call dotard a “mobster,” I’m not being cute. Or provocative. Or jumping on MSM’s sudden embrace of what they’ve always known & obfuscated. NO. I’m bringing U the truth. Donald Trump was born into a front organization of the Genovese crime family. He was theirs from birth..

And it was only getting worse with Cohen and Manafort flipping (both mobsters themselves). Mueller reached Fred Trump’s mob CFO, Allen Weisselberg, & REAL panic in Trump World set in. Oh, it’s all coming out. Count on it. So, what does the rhetoric machine do..?  It finds a way to weaponize that word. Attaching it to your outrage around Kavanaugh – and the whole sh*tshow in general. This is what they do. And it works, as long as you punch back from outrage. I’m going to show you another way. I’m going to show you how to win this.

1st: understand what I mean by fighting semantic warfare from a place of outrage. You are rightly disgusted by being gaslit. By the glaring hypocrisy & projection. So, I’m watching many of you get into that argument – THEIR argument – about whether or not you’re an angry mob.  Stop arguing with them about how they see you.  Because the people behind generating that definition – the people running that rhetoric machine, don’t even believe what they’re saying. THEY ARE TROLLING YOU. When you argue with them about their bullshit, you lose. Instead, bring the semantic back into your territory. They are only using “mob” now because it’s such a dangerous word for Donald. And for all of them. For anyone who took a bunch of money from some Russian mobsters, aka oligarchs. Right Lindsey GrahamS? So, here’s how to do it.  Choose either a position of mockery (very effective) or emotionless, factual statements. Be persistent. Attach “MOB” to Donald’s dirty money. Flood every venue w/ridicule & facts of his mob history. Not as counter-argument, but as dismissive fact. SCARE THEM with that word.  FIGHT THE RHETORIC WITH THE RHETORIC ITSELF. Turn it on itself. You can do this. It WILL work. They are scared of that word, or they wouldn’t have taken it out of the discourse & weaponized it. They are telling you what they’re afraid of w/ their projection.  Their rhetoric is a roadmap of their weakness. Of their fears. You have to get out of your outrage in order to see it that way, and fight back. This is semantic warfare. Get it together & fight. Take “MOB” from them. Make them run from it. They’ve spent a lot of money. They’ve built a whole plan for defeating Dems in Senate races by weaponizing that one word. Make them afraid to use it, by CEMENTING IT back where it belongs. Right on top of Donald Trump’s head. Because he’s a f*cking mobster. And they all know it. That embedded thread [about Trump as mobster] above has everything you need to fight. Make it hurt. One last note on the GOP’s weaponization of “mob” to deflect it away from Donald’s blood money & put it on you/us… Moms w/strollers, grandmas in knitted hats, smiling dads/brothers/sons – ALL marching peacefully is real power. Just be seen. And the rhetoric collapses.

“Donald Trump couldn’t build a building if I didn’t want him to.” – Sammy The Bull Gravano.

I’ll show you something now. Links to mafia/organized crime articles & my account used to top Google search for “MOB.” [graphics not shown here] See now how they’ve gamed the algorithms on that word? Note outlets & headlines. This is the warfare. Fight back by amping “MOB” as attached to Trump history.  Push back on outlets like Washington Post using “mob” 4 anything other than organized crime or actual crowd violence. Notice in this pic that there’s a story emerging about real FAR RIGHT GOP-Trump crowd violence (like Charlottesville murder). They fear this exposure.

2nd. AMP it.  You can use “MOB” on [the tweet] from New York State AG (click on it, add the word “MOB”, & re-tweet). In fact, I’d make that go viral if you want to dismantle an entire GOP “left is an angry mob” campaign that they just spent a sh*tton of money on.  A little more on the GOP “Proud Boy” #AngryMob violence in NYC. These are full-throated GOP Trump supporters. A male “nationalist” movement/club started by Gavin McInnes and “proudly” supported by women like Ann Coulter. – Lincoln’s Bible


Some incredibly useful and powerful insights there.  GOP messaging exposes what they are afraid of, just like Trump’s attacks on others are a reflection of his own defects.  He calls others “crooked” because he’s crooked.  He calls others “low energy” because he’s lazy.  He calls others “low-life’s” because he’s a low-life.  And so on.  And the GOP harps on a Democratic Mob because their party has become a mob, and to deflect from the fact that Trump has always been in the orbit of organized crime in New York City.

I’m going to try to adhere to the suggestions of Lincoln’s Bible on social media, though it’s not easy to hide my utter disdain for a corrupt and criminal presidency, nor a Rep like John Faso who fiddles while our Democracy burns.  It’s the smart and strategic way to go.

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado…

Day 632 – Working to Fire Faso

Trump held another of his ridiculous Nuremberg rallies last night in Kentucky, and his message is becoming more extreme and frantic as the midterms approach.  Keep in mind that if the Democrats flip the House we will have subpoena power to call witnesses to testify on the Russia conspiracy, as well as a host of other fronts related to corruption that could be devastating to Trump and his regime.  It’s no surprise that he will do anything to hold onto power, so he and his GOP enablers are pulling out all of the scare words that seem to trigger Republican voters, like:

  • Pelosi
  • Communist
  • Socialist
  • Violent
  • MS-13
  • Insane
  • Elite
  • Mob

But their tactics don’t seem to be working.  The Washington Post & ABC released a new poll last night that showed increased enthusiasm to vote among all demographics, but especially among younger adults, nonwhite voters, and those who favor Democrats.

This is great news for the resistance, but it’s certainly no reason to slow down our efforts to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.

We have plenty of great opportunities remaining to get out there and make a difference in NY-19.  Many phonebank and canvass events are happening TODAY including these towns:

  • Catskill
  • Cobbleskill
  • Cooperstown
  • Delhi
  • HydePark
  • Kingston
  • Monticello
  • Oneonta
  • Pawling/Beekman
  • Rhinebeck
  • Stone Ridge
  • Troy

Check this link for exact times and locations.

Day 631 – Weekend Action

With the midterms fast approaching, here is a simple summary of events & actions around the district this weekend:

Delgado will be holding TWO town halls today, one in Hoosick Falls at Noon and one in Kinderhook at 6pm.  He’ll also be holding a Meet & Greet in Averill Park at 2:30pm, and he’ll be attending the Goold Orchards Apple Festival at 4pm in Castleton-on-Hudson.  You have plenty of chances to catch up to him and say “hello”, unlike No Show Faso who never lets voters know where he will be.

There will also be phonebank and canvass actions in the following towns:

  • New Paltz – 10am
  • Kingston – multiple times
  • Hyde Park – multiple times
  • Monticello – multiple times
  • Stone Ridge – multiple times
  • Rhinebeck – multiple times
  • Catskill – multiple times
  • Callicoon – 11am
  • Sidney – 11am
  • Ellenville – Noon
  • Nassau – multiple times
  • Hillsdale – noon
  • Valatie – 12:30pm
  • Oneonta – 2pm

For details and signups, click this link to Delgado’s event page:

And the Clinton Democrats hold their Community Get Together today from 1pm t0 4pm at the West Clinton Firehouse #1 at 219 Hollow Road in Staatsburg.  Their ALL-STAR lineup includes Tish James, Lacey Delgado, Karen Smythe, Didi Barrett, Tom Mansfield, and Jeffrey Martin.

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.  Phonebank & canvass…

Day 630 – Last Day To Register!

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO REGISTER TO VOTE IN NYS.  If you haven’t registered to vote, please do it TODAY!  We need EVERY VOTE.

This has been a busy week in the news, and a busy week in NY-19.  TGIF.

The stock marked dropped over 800 points on Wednesday and fell another 500+ points yesterday, with rising interest rates being cited as the main culprit.  And Ford Motors announced layoffs of around 20,000 workers in the wake of their $1-billion loss due to the Trump trade war and tariffs with China. It looks like stocks are rebounding overseas this morning but anything could happen in this environment.  Assume markets will be volatile until at least the midterms.

Trump and the GOP have been rolling out inflammatory scare-words this week.  Trump began calling Democrats an “angry mob” and “violent” as he spoke to an angry mob of his supporters at one of several Nuremberg rallies he held this week in lieu of doing his job.  If any party has a history of acting like an angry mob, it’s the Republicans, so when Democrats become enraged that the president is a corrupt criminal, and further enraged that a lying molester is confirmed to the Supreme Court, Trump has to lash out.  It’s typical “bully logic”: how dare you operate from anger–I’m the only one allowed to operate from anger!  Trump and the GOP are trying to whip up anger in their base by any means necessary, even if they have to pour gasoline and light a match.

Social media and cable news have begun to focus on Trump’s business interests in Saudi Arabia in the wake of an apparent gruesome and horrifying assassination of a Saudi journalist in Istanbul by the Saudi Royal Family.  Trump said the killing wasn’t enough to stop the USA from selling arms to our “Saudi friends”, which was a moment of moral cowardice without parallel in recent presidential history.  Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner have deep ties to Saudi money, so Trump’s reluctance to criticize them begs the question of a conflict of interest.

Meanwhile in NY-19, Antonio Delgado has been one of the hardest working candidates in politics.  He’s been holding multiple events on most days, as well as dropping in on canvassing and phonebanking efforts.

Delgado appears on an AARP radio interview this morning, and holds a Town Hall in Oneonta tonight.  Then tomorrow Delgado will be holding TWO town halls, one in Hoosick Falls and one in Kinderhook.  He’ll also be holding a Meet & Greet in Averill Park, and he’ll be attending the Goold Orchards Apple Festival in Castleton-on-Hudson.  You have plenty of chances to catch up to him and say “hello”, unlike No Show Faso who never lets voters know where he will be.

The Midterms are approaching quickly and it’s crucial that we motivate our Democratic base to show up at the polls, stir up some independent voters, and maybe even convert some crossover Republicans.  If you haven’t volunteered yet, there are opportunities on almost a daily basis to help turn out the vote.  Please check Antonio Delgado’s event page at this address:

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.  Phonebank and canvass…



Day 629 – Economic Anxiety

The stock market took a dive yesterday as fears of higher interest rates combined with the negative effects of the Trump tariffs.  Interest rates have been climbing in anticipation of faster growth, as we saw last quarter when the GDP went above 4% (4.2%) for the first time during Trump.  Consistent GDP growth is good, but many economists argue that it should remain in the 2-3% range to avoid bubbles and inflation.  The third quarter is looking like another 4% GDP result, which is leading some to fear that the economy will overheat.

How did we get here? The business community took the Trump Tax Scam to heart, believing against all historical evidence that tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy would translate into sustained economic growth.  Instead, the gains reaped by corporations have been used for stock buybacks and higher dividends, which has enriched shareholders (mostly wealthy executives) and propelled stock prices higher, but has done little to bolster or expand our underlying economy.  Very little has been trickling down to the rest of us, which is why “trickle down” economics has been a proven failure as an economic policy. Perhaps the markets are starting to realize that recent market gains were built on buybacks, not a better business environment.

What we know is that tariffs like those Trump slapped on China usually and historically have a devastating effect on our GDP.  Why?  Just look at Ford for the answer.  The car-maker is laying off 20,000 workers after taking a $1billion hit from the Trump tariffs.  And farmers are also hurting from the tariffs, even after a Trump bailout only partially reimbursed them for their tariff-related losses.  The last time we entered this kind of tariff based trade war, our GDP dropped 8%.

Higher interest rates will also be a drag on the economy, causing borrowers to spend more of their income on debt payments.  And as our national debt mushrooms, it will also cost our treasury immensely more to service.  Oil prices are already higher, creating more drag, and home heating costs are predicted to be anywhere from 11% to 18% higher this winter.  Health insurance premiums are also soaring under Trump, and drug prices are rising fast despite promises from Trump on the campaign trail to negotiate and keep them down.

October has often been the month of market recalibration.  Corporate earnings are still strong and so is consumer sentiment, so yesterday’s plunge may only be a healthy and temporary correction.  But it’s critical to note that the underlying fundamentals don’t support the story of sustained 4% growth.  Trump’s Tax Scam and his tariffs are bound to hurt our economy in the long run, along with so many other factors like heathcare costs.

Rep John Faso has done nothing to help the situation.  He wants to tear down our social safety net by hurting SNAP, chipping away at Medicare and Social Security, and supporting low-cost garbage heathcare plans that will increase premiums for the rest of us.  Faso supports debunked trickle-down economics, and seems fine with the mushrooming deficit, even though he was a virulent deficit hawk under Obama.

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.  Phonebank & canvass.

REMINDER: NYS Voter Registration for the Midterms closes THIS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12.

Day 628 – Party of Lies

It’s become a safe bet that every statement from the mouth of a Republican politician is the exact opposite of the truth.  When Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of colluding, it’s because he’s guilty of colluding.  When he calls someone “low IQ” it’s because he has a low IQ.  When Republicans say it’s a scary time in America for men, it’s because it’s a scary time in America for women.

And now, in the wake of the “Bart” Kavanaugh nomination debacle, GOP leaders in Congress insist that the “unfair” treatment of their nominee has awakened the Republican base in a way that will counteract the swelling blue wave (despite the fact that Kavanaugh was ultimately confirmed to the court).  Many, including Trump and McConnell, are going out of their way to crow about a GOP midterm surge in response to the Kavanaugh hearings.

But their strutting insistence is looking like another example of their use of the Big Lie.  Polls showed that the GOP base was angered by the hearings.  But it’s becoming very clear that the hearings were bad for the GOP with independent and unaffiliated voters, not to mention Democrats, as you would imagine given the protests and outrage occurring for the past two weeks against the GOP.

Now a new poll from CNN shows what any reasonable person would expect.  The GOP is in trouble this November.  The poll has generic ballot Democrats up 13 points over Republicans among likely voters, 54% for Democrats vs 41% for Republicans.

Political forecasters have noted that the Democrats would need around a 9 point advantage to have a better than even chance of taking back the House, so a 13 point gap is promising.  Of course, voter suppression and social media manipulation will have an unforeseeable impact, and who knows what dirty tricks the GOP will use, much less the Russians.  But the CNN poll is welcome news in the aftermath of the Supreme Court disaster, and gives The Resistance a meaningful boost to continue working hard for change in NY-19.

So let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.  Phonebank & canvass…


Day 627 – Faso Seems Desperate

Today’s post aims to keep you current on the issues Rep John Faso is pushing on social media, especially those that his small handful of supporters are embracing and running with.

First, Faso has made a big deal of New York City residents coming to the Hudson Valley to canvass for Delgado, and his supporters are feigning outrage.  Faso tweets “Delgado caught bussing NYC Dem. socialists to #NY19 AGAIN. Knowing #NY19 voters don’t like NYC activists influencing our elections, the organizer WARNS them to hide that they’re from NYC. Will Delgado disavow these deceitful tactics?”  Faso acts as if this is the first time anyone has canvassed in a district other than their own, even though it’s a decades-old tactic well-used by conservatives.  Armies of Right-To-Life activists have swarmed battleground states for years.  NRA supporters have done the same.  And the Tea Party didn’t hesitate to show up in neighboring districts to work against politicians they wanted out.  Notice that Faso is labeling all Democrats as “socialists”, which is a tactic straight from the Trump playbook, increasingly used in our district by Faso supporters.  By his logic, Faso and his supporters could ALL be accurately labeled fascists, corporatists, and authoritarians.

Second, Faso has gone all-in on the Kavanaugh appointment, deciding that he can rile up his base by whining about the awful treatment of the saintly, virginal Kavanaugh who has been mistreated so badly and unfairly, like so many other middle-age white men. He describes the treatment of liar Kavanaugh as “character assassination” and “subversion of due process”, which is laughable.  Faso’s record on women’s issues is abysmal, so it’s odd that he thinks this issue will be a winner for him.  He is likely listening to the GOP talking point that the Kavanaugh process has been really good for Republicans, despite much evidence to the contrary.  Their logic goes something like this: If BK’s nomination were thwarted by the Democrats, the GOP would be fired up to vote in November, but since BK’s nomination went through, the GOP is fired up to vote in November.  It doesn’t pass the smell test.  Where are all the pro-Kavanaugh protesters?  Poll after poll show that a only a third of Americans support Kavanaugh.  And new polls show that the Democrats still have an advantage in battleground districts as we approach the midterms:

Faso has a lot of money left to spend on ads, and they will likely continue to be negative attack ads against Delgado. Faso seems desperate, as the tenor of his ads suggest.  He’s assuming that NY-19 is still solid Trump country, but it’s a bad bet.  The people fired up in NY-19 continue to be the Democrats, and Faso’s tweets still get deluged by negative comments denouncing him and his failed tenure as Congressman.  The ratio of detractors to supporters is–no kidding–at least twenty to one.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of Republicans out there who will vote for him.  Our main job is to get Democrats to the polls in November.  Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.  You can find phonebank & canvass opportunities here: