Joe Biden is officially the president-elect and Kamala Harris is officially the VP-elect! This is extraordinary news and a huge relief for tens of millions of Americans, though the next two months will be volatile and perilous.

In the short term, Trump seems likely to destroy as many of our agencies as he can, firing anybody who might be competent and useful to the Biden administration and making it much harder for Biden to nominate agency heads who will fight for a sane and progressive agenda. Trump will also continue to poison the election results as much as possible, at the very least to bolster a faux narrative of fraud and self-pitying grievance that could propel another run for the presidency in 2024, or perhaps even to try to invalidate the election by messing with the electoral college process as it attempts to certify the outcome in December.

In the longer term, we have to face the fact that 70 million people voted for a vile, unethical, divisive, sadistic, lying autocrat. They won’t go away, nor will right-wing media outlets like Fox, Breitbart, One America, InfoWars, YouTube and Facebook–all of whom will continue to sell hatred, fear and division for the sake of greed. As long as these engines of dishonesty continue to churn out lies, some 30% of our nation will live in a dangerous bubble of distortion and fantasy. The more that bubble embraces “eliminationist rhetoric” like “liberals are evil and unAmerican and should be removed from our nation” the closer we will get to Rwanda or Pol Pot’s Cambodia. As president-elect Biden said in his victory speech the other night, we have to fight against this kind of dangerous demonization or it will devour us and destroy or democracy.

Now that Antonio Delgado is being sent back to Washington and Joe Biden is the president-elect (regardless of what Typhoid Trump says) I’m fulfilling my promise to the founder of this group and discontinuing this blog.  It’s been an exhausting journey but the blog has allowed me to serve my neighbors and district throughout a crucial struggle. It’s also allowed my to vent my political fears and frustrations. Hopefully, this blog has been a source of information and motivation to you.  Hard to believe I’ve been doing it almost every day of every week for over two-and-a-half years, but fortunately the latest (and final?) chapter of the Trump political catastrophe has been a triumphant one.  I want to thank all of the readers, especially those who gave me suggestions, comments or encouragement.  And I especially want to thank Melanie W for starting this Indivisible group and welcoming me into its ranks. It’s meant a lot to me. I also want to thank all of the activists who devoted untold hours, dollars and pieces of their soul to elect Antonio Delgado and remove Trump from office. Activism can be a repetitive, time-consuming and thankless endeavor, but it’s vital to our democracy and the causes we hold dear. I’ll continue to be active on our two Facebook pages and will probably post commentary there in the future because if there’s one lesson we should take from the Trump catastrophe, it’s that we simply cannot afford to be complacent about politics, neither local nor national.  I’m certainly not going to be engaged on an hourly basis for a while—I need my life back.  But I’m committed to staying informed and connected to our community of activists, because every election cycle will be a battle we can no longer afford to lose, whether it’s for healthcare, equality, education, the social safety net, or climate. I urge all of you to remain active as we approach and enter the post-Trump era because Trumpism is far from vanquished and our political leaders will need us in 2022 and beyond. 

Best wishes to all of you.

Keep resisting Trumpism and keep working to vote Blue candidates into office. 

3 thoughts on “Signing Off – Biden is the President-elect

  1. JT, your message here, to stay engaged, rings true. We learn that over and over again, but we still seem to forget how critical it is. We must all stay engaged, or this win will not be enough to see the growth and change our system requires. When we walk away, patting ourselves on the back for our victories, the work only gets more challenging. If we all stay engaged, the workflows. When we walk away, we get trump, and there will be other trumps.

    You are my hero. Thank you for all you have done. I have enjoyed your writing immensely. Such talent!

    ~ Melanie W

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