As mail-in ballots continued to be counted in swing states yesterday, a more optimistic picture began to emerge for Joe Biden. The “Blue Wall” states of Wisconsin and Michigan were awarded to Biden, two states Trump narrowly won in 2016. Nevada will likely go to Biden (though all the networks are saying it’s too early to award) and Arizona is hanging by a thread in Biden’s column with a few hundred thousand drop-box votes to be counted. If Biden can hold onto Arizona, it will give him the magic 270 votes WITHOUT needing Pennsylvania or Georgia, even though Biden is on track to win Pennsylvania by a decisive margin when all the mail-in votes are counted (still considered too early to award), and Biden has an amazing 50/50 chance of winning Georgia (it will probably come down to a few thousand votes either way). Trump said NOTHING in public yesterday and rumors were circulating that he’s sulking because he knows the end of his presidency is probably approaching. BUT nothing is done until it’s done.

Democrats will have work to do. There will be plenty of legal challenges to confront and vanquish. And activists we will have to beat back the bogus Trump lie that the election was somehow stolen from him because states counted their mail-in ballots. It’s an insane position to take, but Trump and his cult are taking it. A group of armed cultists surrounded the Maricopa County election commission HQ last night and raised as stink because they were scared election officials were “stealing” the election from Trump. Fun civics fact: election results are supervised by and counted by members of BOTH parties so they can keep an eye on each other and nobody can steal anything. But civics has never been the Trump cult’s strong suit. Instead, the protesters started the evening chanting “stop the vote” and ended the evening chanting “count the vote!” Turns out, in NV and AZ Trump needs more ballots counted to give him a chance to catch up, whereas in PA and GA, he wants to shut down ballot-counting while he’s still ahead. Now imagine Trump lawyers in different state courts arguing these opposing positions AT THE SAME TIME. Idiocy.

As long as Trump sticks to the full-blown authoritarian fiction that he was on track to win BIG but somehow the mean Democrats found ballots in trashcans somewhere and stole the election from him and his angry supporters, we will have a mess on our hands. Trump’s supporters won’t know the truth, they will only know the lies they hear from Trump and Fox, so their outrage is going to boil over. Let’s hope and pray it doesn’t kill anybody.

Expect to see Biden’s cumulative vote total in Pennsylvania top Trump’s sometime today. And expect the Trumpublicans to have a hissy fit. Also expect more results from Arizona and Georgia, which could further pad Biden’s victory. I’m cautiously optimistic for the first time since the polls closed.

Keep resisting Trump and keep pushing for all the ballots to be counted.

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