Here we are. If you haven’t voted yet, for God’s sake, please vote today. The polls are open in New York State from 6am to 9pm. Every vote matters. Local elections are sometimes decided by a single vote.

If you’ve already voted, or are about to vote, there are a number of additional actions you can take today to motivate others to get off the couch and vote for our great Democratic candidates. Here’s an excellent list from our friends at Hudson Valley Strong:

Call your friends and family. Make sure nobody is thinking of sitting this one out, or thinking of staying home because their vote won’t count, or skipping the election because they’re in a safe district or a blue state. If each of us can find one person who wouldn’t otherwise vote and get them to the polls, it will make a huge difference.

This may be our last chance to rid the White House of an authoritarian liar whose ambition is to become a dictator. So many important things are hanging in the balance:

  • Affordable healthcare
  • A competent response to Covid
  • A response to climate change
  • An environmental policy that protects the environment
  • An active role in international affairs
  • An unbiased Justice Department
  • Respect for ALL our citizens
  • A fairer tax code
  • A real immigration and asylum policy
  • A commander in chief who reads his briefings
  • A commander in chief who doesn’t constantly lie, and so much more…

Keep working all the way to the finish line and hopefully we can all contribute to a win for Biden and our local Democrats. This is the day we’ve been fighting for.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office TODAY!”

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