Financial markets dropped sharply for the third day in a row yesterday as traders reacted to the rapidly widening pandemic in the mid-west. Such a large-scale viral spread is already leading to a contraction of economic activity as citizens quarantine and try to avoid becoming the next victim. The outbreak also seems to be leading to a reaction against Trump, whose incompetence and dereliction of duty kept our government from adequately informing and protecting our citizens. This dereliction continues in the way Trump and his regime conduct themselves, holding huge rallies with little or no Covid protections, and urging states and schools to “open up” even as they suffer huge increases in infection rates. Markets are finally confronting the reality that until the pandemic is fought properly on a national level, the economy won’t recover, especially if the GOP-controlled Senate is incapable of passing meaningful Covid relief for the average citizen.

In the states where Covid cases are booming, Trump’s poll numbers are sagging. His best chance to salvage a razor-slim victory seems to be in Pennsylvania, where he’s behind by 5 points, a deficit not much larger than the margin of polling error. So the tailwinds are favorable for Biden but Trump still has a path to victory if one or two long-shot scenarios come through for him, especially because if the election is close the Supreme Court is poised to hand him the election by ruling that mail-in and absentee ballots received and counted after election day should be invalidated–even in states with laws allowing this. Two takeaways:

1. There’s still a lot of work we can do to help in swing states, by volunteering to urge voters to get to the polls and vote.

2. We also need to urge voters with mail-in/absentee ballots to hand-deliver them to their board of elections, official ballot drop boxes, or polling places that accept them, especially early polling places–because the USPS can no longer guarantee timely delivery of the mail. This applies to all voters in the United States, including New York State, where mailed ballots must arrive by 9pm on Election Day to be counted.

We can also help crucial Senate races by giving money or volunteering with their campaigns. One fascinating race is happening in Georgia, where Jon Ossoff is running against incumbent Trumper David Perdue. Ossoff is a young and incredibly capable politician whose ability to communicate clearly and powerfully is unsurpassed. They held a debate last night and Ossoff brutally blasted Perdue. Ossoff said to Perdue’s face, “It’s not just that you’re a crook…”! Wow.

You can watch it on Ossoff’s facebook page:

We urgently need Senators who will hold corruption to account, like Ossoff, who is currently in a toss-up race with Perdue in Georgia!

Early voting is open again today in Dutchess County, continuing every day through Sunday. Keep in mind that there is NO early voting on Monday.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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