Trump held another large superspreader rally at an airport in Omaha last night and many of the attendees waited for four chilly hours to see him. After the outdoor rally ended and Trump flew away, thousands who had been shuttled in from a remote lot were left stranded in the freezing Nebraska night air. Forty buses failed to show up to take people back to their cars so many, including the elderly, walked 3.7 miles in the dark 25-degree wind chill, and as many as 60 of them ultimately needed medical attention. Late night social media exploded with ridicule, asking how a president who can’t even organize shuttle service for a rally can organize a response to a pandemic. The obvious answer is, he can’t. It’s hard to imagine a better symbol of the Trump presidency than his supporters left out in the cold.

Around the same time, Trump’s campaign website was hacked and debilitated, and for a while featured a large sign asking for ransom to unfreeze it. Law enforcement was looking into the incident, but again social media rushed in with criticism. How can Trump protect the nation when he can’t even protect his own website? Embarrassing.

The Trump regime released a “fact” sheet yesterday listing Trump’s accomplishments in office and at the top of the highlight list was “ENDING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC” which of course caused a violent backlash of outrage in the media as Covid cases surpassed 500,000 in a seven day period for the very first time. States in the mid-west continued to struggle with hospital capacity and many were sounding the alarm yesterday that front-line healthcare workers were being overwhelmed. The contrast between the reality of a deadly, worsening pandemic and a president who lives in a heartless fantasy-land of pretend success couldn’t be any clearer or more damning. How could anyone vote for this disgrace?

I voted yesterday in Rhinebeck. I joined the waiting line at 3:10pm and walked out of Town Hall at 4:25, so the process took an hour and a quarter, which seems to jibe with other Rhinebeck voters I’ve talked to. Early voting has been a huge success thus far, and the voting numbers seem to point to record turnout. If you received an absentee ballot and haven’t mailed it back yet, the USPS is warning that they can’t guarantee timely delivery so you should consider dropping it off to the Dutchess County Board of Elections or any of the other early polling places. You can skip the line and take your ballot directly to the poll worker in charge of managing the polling place entrance.

While the presidential race is still close in many crucial swing states, one emerging metric is good news for Democrats. The number of young voters casting ballots in early voting apparently implies a much larger participation percentage of young voters than in prior elections, and the youth vote skews solidly Democratic.

One easy way to take action and help get out the vote is to call your family and friends and make sure they’ve voted or have a plan to vote. If each of us can find one person in our social circle who was poised the blow off voting and convince them to cast a ballot we can help boost local candidates who might win or lose by a handful of votes.

Early voting continues in Dutchess County today through Sunday.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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