Trump’s “60 Minutes” interview aired last night along with an interview of Joe Biden and once again America was presented with a stark contrast. Biden was focused, sincere and concerned about the pandemic and the direction of our nation. Trump was defensive, petulant, argumentative, and self-pitying, downplaying the virus and boasting about his handling of it. People remember Richard Nixon for lines like “I’m not a crook,” and it’s easy to imagine fifty years from now people remembering Trump for the phrase, “So unfair!” which seems to perfectly encapsulate his entire message to older white voters. Trump whined in the interview about direct questions regarding his actions and policies, complaining that they were “so unfair” and “fake,” taking responsibility for nothing. Trump finally stormed out of the interview and many political observers, including Barack Obama and Joe Biden, pointed out that if Trump can’t even mix it up with Lesley Stahl, he has no business negotiating with Putin or Xi.

Trump has also been downplaying the raging pandemic and mocking news agencies that report on it. Trump seems to be suggesting that the (mostly unnecessary) deaths of a thousand citizens per day is something the news media should ignore, which is grotesquely callous and craven. And now it’s been reported that several of Trump’s rallies have been linked to hotspots of Covid infection, meaning that he truly is a super-spreader, a Typhoid Trump. Over the weekend at least five of VP Pence’s inner circle tested positive, leading some to speculate that Pence was already infected at his VP debate with Senator Harris–many observers noted that he looked like shit that night, with one of his eyes blood-red. And also over the weekend, Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows basically admitted to a reporter that there is no plan to contain or control the virus, implying that herd immunity is the de facto posture of the Trump regime. Herd immunity would require the deaths of 2-million to 6-million more citizens to achieve–though it’s not clear that it can truly be achieved. It’s hard to look at Trump’s White House and not see it as a generator of misery, suffering and death, all in the short-term service of getting Trump re-elected.

Trump continues to trail in the polls, and now a poll of likely voters conducted by a Dallas newspaper has Trump trailing Biden by three points in Texas with a margin of error of three points. This has to be devastating news for Trump, whose nearly broke campaign has been spending all its remaining pennies on ads in Florida. Beto O’Rourke claims to have registered 800,000 new democrats in Texas since 2016, and if young voters there can be convinced to vote a few percentage points above their miserable historic average, Texas could turn blue in 2020, four years earlier than predicted. Trump’s main strategy to combat these dismal poll numbers is to blatantly lie to his supporters. He’s telling them that he’s going to win in a “red-wave” landslide, and because most of his cult get their information from Fox or InfoWars, many of them don’t know that he’s been trailing in poll after poll for months. So it seems likely that no matter what the vote totals are on election night, Trump will be declaring victory as he smears any state’s results that go for Biden. He’s going to try to bluff his way to victory by convincing a lot of his supporters that a Biden win simply cannot be legitimate “because I’ve been winning all this time.” So activists have to make sure on social media and in conversations with friends and family to highlight Trump’s shitty poll numbers while at the same time urging people to vote no matter what the polls say.

It also looks likely that Amy Coney Barrett will be confirmed by the Senate today. Despite Democrats stalling, Moscow Mitch McConnell ignored the pleas of suffering Americans and refused to work on any meaningful Covid relief legislation, focusing all of his energy on rushing through a new justice in an election month. Once again, in conversations with friends and family, and on social media, we have to frame McConnell’s judicial project properly:

Mitch McConnell has been packing the Federal courts for four years, and Barrett is the culmination of that relentless process.

Democrats now have to do everything within the rules to unpack the courts.

If you haven’t voted yet, please consider early voting, which is taking place in Dutchess County today and every day through next Sunday. Your vote matters, especially in local races. A huge caravan of Trump supporters drove their trucks up route 9 yesterday honking horns and waving their Trump signs, which is good reminder that this congressional district voted for Trump over Clinton, so it won’t be a slam-dunk for Delgado, Smythe and other local Democrats to win. We have to carry them over the finish line with a large turnout. Every. Vote. Matters.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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