Trump keeps losing in court. Late last night a US Federal appeals court denied a suit to stop North Carolina from counting ballots postmarked by November 3rd but received as late as November 12th. Courts seem to favor the power of states to modify election law in response to the Covid crisis, and this has Trump and his corrupt regime hopping mad. As Trump admitted, the more people who vote, the smaller his chances of winning.

But it needs to be emphasized that the USPS has not restored its mail delivery capacity as the courts demanded in response to corrupt Postmaster Louis DeJoy’s destructive policies. Key swing states are still seeing mail delivery delays far worse than before DeJoy took over. And this means we need to keep urging anyone (friends, relatives, associates in any state) who intends to vote by mail to do so NOW. New York State recommends that mail-in ballots be delivered to the post office no later than October 27th, six days from today. If you haven’t requested a mail-in ballot, starting this weekend you’ll have daily opportunities from Oct 24th to November 1st to vote early in one of five locations around Dutchess County, so please make a plan to vote if you haven’t already.

There are still many opportunities to volunteer to boost Democratic turnout between now and election day. Here’s a reprinted list of several different groups who can use your help NOW:

INDIVISIBLE is trying to flip the Senate and protect the Supreme Court:

SWING LEFT is working to get out the vote and increase turnout:

MOVE ON is mobilizing voters to increase turnout:

VOTE SAVE AMERICA is working to register voters and increase turnout:

TURNOUT PAC from the Progressive Turnout Project is getting out the vote:

Opportunities for volunteers include writing letters, sending text messages, and phone banking, all of which are very potent and effective.

You can also help with local campaigns such as Rep Antonio Delgado or State Senator candidate Karen Smythe. Delgado has a volunteer opportunity this Friday that you can find more info on here:

Cable news is increasingly embracing the narrative that Trump is losing. But polling in swing states shows a distressingly close race. Biden has the edge, but Trump still has a lot of passionate support and his operatives are busy knocking doors and pumping up their base. So we can’t take anything for granted. Every single vote matters.

Trump spent Tuesday holding hate-rallies (he never actually does the job of president) and shrieking about locking up Joe Biden and others. We can never let Trump’s grotesque calls for vengeance and unlawful detention become normalized, even as we become numb to them. His statements are appalling, disgusting, and profoundly unAmerican, and we need to keep describing them as such.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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