It’s a sad fact that the Senate confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett will illuminate very little beyond what’s already known about her. It’s Kabuki theater leading to her almost certain seating on the court. Democrats should instead focus on doing whatever they can to flip the Senate, because only then will we be able to do anything about the makeup of the federal judiciary.

One more obstacle has apparently been removed from our way to victory in November, by Attorney General William Barr of all people. A while back, Barr installed several federal prosecutors to investigate the Mueller probe, specifically looking into the “unmasking” of General Flynn and others, which Trump called “one of the greatest crimes blah blah blah”. To great fanfare, Barr and the Fox propaganda machine made unmasking a major boogeyman, and their fiction formed the basis of what Trump described as “Obamagate.” When Trump shrieked about locking up Obama and Biden, he was referring to their connection to the Mueller probe and unmasking. But two days ago it was reported that Barr’s investigators found nothing to merit charges. They merely confirmed that the genesis of the Mueller probe was proper and lawful, which legitimate news organizations and a legion of DC insiders have been saying all along. Members of Trump’s campaign were lousy with Russian agents, the Feds became concerned and investigated, they discovered a ton of covert collusion, members of Trump’s team were interviewed, many of them lied, some were indicted and went to jail, and now Trump’s “Obamagate” conspiracy theory has been discredited by his own Justice Department. Any ethical Attorney General would announce the team’s findings, but Barr is corrupt. He made no such announcement and hoped the story would die, but of course it didn’t. And now Trump is apparently mad at Barr for NOT indicting Obama and/or Biden on made-up charges. All of the other Trump nonsense has overshadowed this news, but it’s important and something worth amplifying on social media. For details, here’s an article in the Washington Post.

Right after this news appeared, Rudy Giuliani surfaced from his crypt bearing yet another bogus Hunter Biden story from Ukraine. Coincidence? The Murdoch-owned New York Post made this story it’s front page, but the documents they were given by Giuliani were later found to be forgeries. Of course. So perhaps the death of Obamagate combined with the humiliating Giuliani mess was the cause of Trump’s bizarre hate-rally last night in Iowa. Trump slurred his way through an unhinged speech that included insulting Iowans by trivializing their horrible weather problems and begging suburban women to like him. Nothing stinks like desperation.

One other horrible revelation made waves yesterday. It came to light that a member of the Trump administration supported the “Great Barrington Declaration” in a meeting with reporters. The fringe declaration basically pushes the Covid strategy of allowing the virus to spread unchecked while hoping that citizens develop “herd immunity.” But the vast majority of epidemiologists reject the herd immunity strategy and warn that it would require the deaths of 2 to 3-million citizens before it had a chance of working. It’s something that might interest Trump because Trump doesn’t care about people and he’s the laziest president in modern history. When you hear “herd immunity,” it’s short for “our incompetent administration surrendered to Covid and will let millions die.”

For what it’s worth, Rep Delgado will be debating his GOP challenger tonight at 8pm on WMHT radio and TV.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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