The most consequential election of our lives will be held three weeks from today. Imagine, if you will, the day you turn on the news and don’t hear Trump’s infernal voice, not once, for the entire broadcast. That day will come if we keep doing whatever we can to motivate fellow liberals and progressives to vote. As Trump infects everyone around him with Covid and insults seniors by trivializing their pandemic fears, his poll numbers continue to drop, so the wind is at our backs. But we simply cannot leave anything to chance. Every single vote matters, both locally and for the presidency.

Like Trump, Trumpublicans in the Senate are damaging their chances of retaining power. The Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett, which started yesterday and continues today, is broadly unpopular, both because it is a profoundly hypocritical political stunt in light of their blocking Obama’s Garland nomination, and because it’s happening in the middle of a catastrophic pandemic INSTEAD of the Senate working on financial relief for millions of hard-hit Americans. Democrats on the Judiciary Committee gave their opening remarks yesterday and presented a strong and unified front. Their main thrust was the illegitimacy and hypocrisy of the process, especially because Trump and McConnell want Barrett to help overturn the Affordable Care Act when it comes before the court in four weeks, which would be a monstrously damaging ruling. Republicans criticized the Democrats for attacking Barrett’s extreme fundamentalist faith, even though not a single Democrat on the committee mentioned it once. When Barrett was nominated, House Speaker Pelosi claimed in an interview that the Democrats had “some arrows in our quiver” to slow or stop Barrett’s nomination, but it seems increasingly likely that Barrett will be heading toward a full vote in the Senate soon. The only way her nomination fails would be for two or three more Republicans to defect and vote against her, which is a long shot.

Trump is facing open revolt from yet another member of his Covid task force, this time from Anthony Fauci himself. Fauci told CNN’s Jake Tapper that his words were twisted by the Trump campaign into a disingenuous campaign ad that was misleading the public. He went onto say that Trump’s in-person campaign hate-rallies were a bad idea in light of Trump’s recent infection and the soaring case count in so many red states. It’s hard to imagine that Trump won’t retaliate and thus far his campaign has done nothing about the misleading ads.

In local news, Rep Antonio Delgado will participate in a debate with challenger Kyle Van de Water this Thursday Oct. 15th at 8pm, and WMHT will carry it live, both on TV and radio. Search for more details.

If you haven’t already, make a plan to vote. If you expect to vote in-person, here are the dates, times and locations for Early Voting in Dutchess County. Early voting is a great way to vote at your convenience and avoid some of the lines and delays that might otherwise occur on November 3rd.

If you requested and received an absentee ballot, please send it in as soon as possible (at least 15 days before the election) or bring your absentee ballot to an early voting site during the above times.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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