The coronavirus continued to expand over the weekend, with 40+ states showing rising case numbers and less than ten states showing low and/or slowing numbers. Despite this national surge and the catastrophic failure of presidential leadership that allowed it to happen, the derelict commander-in-covid has been bragging about his “miraculous” recovery, claiming that he’s cured, that he’s no longer contagious, and that he is now immune. Is there any public figure more repulsively dishonest–and completely self absorbed–than Trump? It’s becoming clear that he was probably sick and contagious long before we knew about it, and God knows how many people he spread the disease to. And despite saying that he’s no longer contagious, no actual proof of this life-or-death claim has been provided to the public. So every event he holds in the coming days could be another Trump superspreader.

Trump isn’t the only Republican risking people’s lives. Republicans in the Senate are scheduled to start their confirmation hearing for Amy Coney Barrett today even though several of them, including Lindsey Graham, refused to take a Covid test in advance. They are willing to risk spreading a deadly virus, in a Senate full of senior citizens, in order to pack the Supreme Court with an extreme conservative partisan whose refusal to recuse herself from a potential Trump election challenge soils the legitimacy of her likely seat on the court. Where have Schumer and the other Democratic senators been on this? Tweeting? They should be holding daily press conferences, and funding advertisements bashing Graham and McConnell for jeopardizing the lives of members of Congress. And they should be following Biden’s lead and laughing at questions about whether Democrats plan on packing the court, instead talking about the court-packing Republicans, reminding Americans that McConnell brought Senate approval of Obama’s federal court nominees nearly to a stop, the slowest it had been in 60 years despite a huge backlog of federal cases. The Republicans under Trump have become expert at accusing the Democrats of exactly what the Republicans are actually perpetrating.

Trump and his DOJ continue to attack the electoral process in swing state courts, but they lost on several cases this weekend. A judge in Pennsylvania threw out the Trump/GOP suit challenging the legitimacy of drop boxes. And a judge in Texas blocked the governor’s plan to limit certain counties to a single ballot drop box, though an appeals court is now reviewing that decision. I’m proud that I don’t belong to a party whose central electoral strategy is to force fewer and fewer people to vote. Because when judged by their actions, it’s pretty clear that Republicans hate democracy. When it serves their agenda, they’re all for it, but when they are on the losing side of the ballot box, they will gladly adopt whatever form of tyranny they can get away with. It’s unAmerican. Republicans often purposefully use as a slur phrases like “Democrat voters” instead of “Democratic voters,” but it turns out that the Democrats are truly the only party that currently embraces democratic values and principles.

Trump went on a rant over the weekend calling for the jailing and prosecution of his “enemies,” including Obama, Clinton and Biden. David Sanger wrote a scathing and alarming reaction in the New York Times that is worth a quick read. Here’s an excerpt:

Mr. Trump has long demanded — quite publicly, often on Twitter — that his most senior cabinet members use the power of their office to pursue political enemies. But his appeals this week, as he trailed badly in the polls and was desperate to turn the national conversation away from the coronavirus, were so blatant that one had to look to authoritarian nations to make comparisons.

He took a step even Richard M. Nixon avoided in his most desperate days: openly ordering direct, immediate government action against specific opponents, timed to serve his re-election campaign.

David Sanger, New York Times

Here’s the full link:

Trump’s poll numbers are going nowhere, and he’s desperate. So far, the agencies around him have yet to embrace his full demands. The DOJ has done a ton of shady shit in the last four years, but even Bill Barr (where is he? does he have Covid?) has not been willing to invent a pretext for arresting or indicting Obama, Clinton or Biden. And FBI Director Christopher Wray is now openly contradicting Trump on the issue of mail-in voting fraud and Trump “poll watchers,” saying publicly that mail-in voter fraud isn’t a big risk and that law enforcement won’t tolerate intimidation of voters at the polls on election day.

We need to continue doing everything possible to help our local candidates succeed, to help motivate turnout in swing states, and to assist organizations doing great work (advertising, registering, door knocking, etc.) in swing states.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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