Trump released himself from the hospital last night and returned to the White House, mortifying and perplexing medical experts around the world. Given his known symptoms and prescribed treatments, Trump clearly has Covid pneumonia and is still sick and contagious, and it was profoundly irresponsible for Trump to be allowed to return to the White House, which is an active workplace. Immediately upon arrival, Trump removed his mask for a photo op, and while waiting he was recorded on video breathing laboriously and looking very uncomfortable. It’s obvious that Trump is terrified of looking weak, which to him means looking like a mortal human who on occasion gets sick. To Trump, not being in complete control and not appearing tough or strong poses a mortal threat to his ego and masculinity. That’s how insecure Trump is. He’s the walking embodiment of weakness masquerading as strength.

Trump also said several irresponsible and ridiculous things yesterday, some on a campaign video he shot, that should infuriate anyone whose life has been touched by the Covid tragedy. Trump said “don’t be afraid of Covid,” as if everyone in America has access to the endless resources at his disposal. Trump later said the he might even be “immune. Who knows?” And he implied that nobody has to die from Covid anymore because of the treatments he received at Walter Reed. Which is a grotesquely false and heartless statement. Just because you survive Russian roulette doesn’t mean it’s always perfectly safe.

We still don’t know when Trump first tested positive, and we won’t know for a long time, if ever, how many people Trump personally infected and directly or indirectly harmed or killed. He’s literally a superspreader. And right now, dozens of workers in the White House are being needlessly exposed to a very sick man who refuses to care about or protect those around him, including secret service, law enforcement, military, and staff. Trump’s disdain for life is appalling but not surprising. He will do anything do get reelected. Keep in mind that Trump is not out of the woods. He was given steriods, which do nothing to attack the virus but make a person feel great (and can lead to mania, delusions, grandiosity, and hallucinations). So Trump will likely feel worse when the steriods wear off. It’s quite possible that we will see Trump carted back to Walter Reed in the days ahead if his condition worsens.

Joe Biden received a bump in the polls in the aftermath of the debate that Trump so horribly bungled and defiled. But we can’t fool ourselves. Biden might win the popular vote by 4 or 5 million votes, but he could still lose the electoral college. Many of the swing states will be close, and because so many Democratic votes will be arriving by mail, we won’t know the final tally in some of these states for weeks. November should rightly be referred to as “Election Month” from here on. Another big obstacle will be all of the lawsuits being filed by Trump and the RNC to restrict the time-frame for counting mail-in ballots, or to invalidate certain classes of mail-in ballots. Yet another big obstacle will be the poll-watchers being recruited by Trump and the GOP to challenge ballots on November 3rd in districts that are primarily black and brown. We have to assume that every single vote matters.

Please spread the word that voter registration in New York State ends this Friday, October 9th. Check out this link to register online. Most people can register in around 5 minutes.

Covid continues to surge around the country. Only 5 states had declining cases yesterday, and our 7-day average national death count continues at around 750, which is tragic and avoidable. So much is at stake.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office” four weeks from today.

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