It was reported late last night that Trump and Melania had tested positive for Covid.

Trump’s close adviser Hope Hicks tested positive earlier in the day. She was with Trump and Chris Christie and others continuously preparing for the debate and then handling messaging with Trump at his rallies after the debate. One of his rally messages yesterday: “We’re rounding the corner on coronavirus.”

The news of course creates a myriad of grave national security issues and issues of succession, which I won’t write about tonight. Trump and Melania are now in quarantine and may get sick or may remain relatively asymptomatic. Given his callous disregard for proper precautions and his many mask-less public and private events, it’s not surprising that he got sick.

Or did he? Trump is a liar. And recently, he’s a desperate liar. We need to treat this news with tremendous caution. Trump may be infected, just like British leader Boris Johnson was. And given his age and known co-morbidities, Trump has something like a 95% chance of surviving. But Trump is getting hammered in the polls. Tonight’s blog was going to be about how Trump completely lost the debate, and how the polling landscape has shifted in favor of Biden. Recent voting data show a massive surge in early and absentee/mail-in voting in many states, some setting records. Faking illness would allow Trump to whine about the “unfairness” of not being able to campaign and insist on postponing the election, and/or it could generate some sympathy for him. But whether or not he’s truly sick, we need to scream bloody murder if he tries to use his Covid infection to change the date of the election. No postponements, no delays. His illness could have been avoided if he and his people had followed the recommendations of their own experts, but he chose to ignore them. So let’s make sure his condition isn’t used as an excuse to steal our democracy.

It’s also reasonable to wonder if Trump exposed Joe Biden to Covid during the debate. Let’s hope they are both ultimately okay and we can trounce Trump at the ballot box. The year 2020 continues to be relentlessly insane.

Let’s return to the fact that Donald Trump is losing his bid for re-election. With each passing day, it’s getting harder for Trump and his enablers to stop the blue wave that’s building. So instead, Trump’s been furiously trying to invalidate the election results by poisoning the process. He’s been screaming (lying) for months that mail-in voting will be a fraud and a tragedy BECAUSE HE’S LOSING AND DESPERATE. But his screams are being echoed and amplified by Fox and other propaganda outlets. Assuming Trump doesn’t try to postpone the election due to his illness, ballot fraud is the narrative we will have to fight, especially after the election when Trump tries to declare the results invalid and mounts legal challenges in swing states. I often vehemently disagree with conservative Andrew Sullivan, but he just published an important and insightful article on the impending tyranny of Donald Trump, making a strong and troubling case for why we can expect dirty tricks after the election–or possibly sooner, as I mentioned above. It’s a must-read. Here’s an excerpt that summarizes his portrait of Trump:

All he wants is chaos, because in chaos, the strong leader wins. Would he incite violence on his behalf if the votes seem to be drifting away from him? You bet he would. Would he urge his supporters to physically prevent ballot-counting? He already has. Would he try to corral Republican state legislators to back him in electing electors? Gellman has sources. Would he take this country to the brink of civil conflict? Way past it. Will anyone in the GOP do anything to stop him? We know the answer to that already. If they cannot condemn him this week, when would they? And he will do all this not out of some strategic calculation or tactical skill but because he cannot do anything else. He is psychologically incapable of conceding anything. And he has no understanding of collateral damage because his narcissism precludes it.

Andrew Sullivan, The Weekly Dish

Would Trump fake his own viral infection to postpone an election? Probably not but I wouldn’t bet my life on it. Here’s a link to the full article:

Two nights ago in Minnesota, Trump whined to his cult about Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, yelling “she tells us how to run our country, can you believe it?” The clear implication of Trump’s complaint was disgusting. Trump doesn’t think this country belongs to anyone who isn’t white. Omar is an American citizen, it’s her country too. But not in the twisted, bigoted mind of Trump. He keeps showing us that he’s a white supremacist and now some reluctant Republicans are reluctantly confronting this truth.

Despite Trump’s condition, we simply cannot let up on our efforts to throw him out of office. He wouldn’t stop campaigning if Biden got sick, and neither should we. Indeed, Trump’s testing positive is an affirmation that his handling of the pandemic has been a costly and unnecessary disaster that proves he’s not fit for the job.

Keep resising Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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