Election week is less than two months away, and the Trumpublican strategy is coming into view. A big part of their plan is to suppress as much of the vote as possible in swing states, and one way they’re already doing this is by suing to stop mail-in-voting and its mechanisms. For example, in Pennsylvania the Trump campaign is suing to stop the use of drop boxes to deliver absentee ballots. If successful, the move would force voters to pay more to mail their ballot and run the risk of it not arriving on time (because Trump has sabotaged the USPS) or force voters to risk going to the polls in person to vote, which some voters may be reluctant to do. Here’s an excellent article in The Nation on Trump’s legal assault on voting:


Notice that I used the phrase election week because it’s likely that we won’t get a certified result the night of the election, but rather will have to wait for at least a few days while absentee and mail-in ballots are counted. We need to adopt the phrase election week to properly frame expectations and not let Trump get away with the bogus and self-serving claim that the election has to be decided ON election day.

It’s also becoming clear that the Trump regime is planning to pull a double October surprise from their bag of dirty tricks. The first part will be orchestrated by corrupt AG William Barr, whose justice department will likely release–against department policy and longstanding tradition–an interim report by prosecutor John Durham on his investigation into the origins of the Mueller investigation. Barr has previously said that this report would contain “surprising and damaging” information, though at this point it will mostly serve as a blatant political stunt for Fox to rile Trump’s cult.

More alarming, however, is the growing likelihood that the Trump regime will soon release it’s long talked-about healthcare plan, Trump’s “beautiful plan” that’s supposed to replace the ACA (“Obamacare”). God only knows what kind of garbage it’s filled with, but it will serve as a powerful talking point for Trump in the conservative media bubble. This plan can’t be instituted by executive order. It would have to be funded and would require approval by both chambers of Congress, so the release of any “plan” would be pure election-year propaganda, so be prepared to engage with voters on the faults and deficiencies his “plan” will surely have. If the incompetent cronies who write his speeches and his legal filings are involved, it will be the usual dumpster-fire of a mess.

Corrupt AG Barr really went off the deep end this week, calling his own lower-level prosecutors at the DOJ “headhunters” for going after high-profile prosecutions in an effort to “amass glory.” Barr made clear that he has absolute power over all prosecutions in the DOJ, but his views are clearly those of a radical who considers the presidency above the law (as long as its filled by a Republican). He also said this week that protesters who engage in any sort of violence (a nebulous concept at best) should be charged with sedition, and he suggested that prosecutors look into charging the mayor of Seattle for her handling of protests in that city. Barr seems to be hoping to intimidate protesters in advance of Trump trying to steal the election. If Trump loses but refuses to leave, it’s likely that tens of thousands–perhaps millions–of protesters would show up in Washington, and Barr is looking for some way to forcefully thwart them. Throwing around the term sedition is an ugly move by an already disgraced partisan hack. As former prosecutor Joyce Vance noted last night on Twitter, “Voting against Trump isn’t plotting to overthrow the United States.”

Judging by the recent behavior of Trump and Barr, the next two months are only going to get more stressful and enraging. But we have to do everything in our power to get out the vote and make sure every vote counts.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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