Major news agencies yesterday picked up and corroborated reports that a nurse from an ICE detention facility in Georgia had filed a whistleblower complaint alleging that the facility had routinely sent women to a gynecologist who performed unnecessary procedures on them, including at least four–and perhaps many more–hysterectomies. The nurse and her lawyer appeared on several cable news shows and reporters covering the plight of detainees found other sources who confirmed that many of the female detainees were not fully aware or properly informed about what procedures they had been given by the gynecologist. Social media was outraged by the report, with some comparing the news to Nazi concentration camps and others lamenting how our nation had sunk so low that it was not only ripping children away from their mothers and caging them indefinitely, but was also forcing detained women to have hysterectomies. We will surely be hearing more about this abomination today.

It was also reported yesterday that HHS communications head Michael Caputo may lose his job in the wake of his unhinged rant against government scientists on Facebook. Among other things, Caputo told his “followers” that some scientists at HHS are in a secret resistance group and actively trying to kill him. He also insisted that Democrats would engage in armed revolt when Biden loses, so they should go out and buy ammunition. It’s hard to believe that such talk in Trump’s administration would lead to being fired, but Caputo isn’t out of a job yet.

We also saw the initial stages of the gulf coast landfall of hurricane Sally last night from the Florida panhandle into Alabama and Mississippi. The slow-moving storm is predicted to bring record rainfall and flooding to the three states, while record drought and high temperatures are still causing massive wildfires on the west coast, including horribly polluted air, some of which reached the Hudson Valley yesterday casting the sunset in a blood-red shade I’d never seen here before. These weather extremes are the latest indications that climate change is making every weather event worse. In addition, we learned this week that the ice shelves protecting massive glaciers in Antarctica are quickly melting and losing their structural integrity. Researchers say it won’t be long before the shelves fail and allow their giant glaciers to slide into the ocean, a process that could raise global sea levels by ten feet in a relatively short period of time. Meanwhile, Trump continues to deny global warming and make light of questions on the subject–as his regime moves at a frantic pace to sell oil and gas leases on public land. There will be no chance for meaningful action on climate as long as Trump remains in office.

But there is good news. Reports continue to circulate that the Trump campaign is short on cash. They’ve pulled back substantially on their TV advertising as Biden and his supporters are ramping up their ad buys in swing states like Pennsylvania and Florida. As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, Michael Bloomberg is spending at least $100-million in Florida to help Biden and groups like The Lincoln Project are focusing their social media efforts on the Latino community in Florida. The Lincoln Project also released an amazing ad mocking Trump for his recent Nevada rally. Here is a link:

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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