Assistant secretary of public affairs for HHS Michael Caputo, the mouthpiece of the organization, falsely claimed on Facebook that government scientists were members of a resistance engaging in “sedition” (by spreading facts and telling the truth, no doubt) and warned that Democrats are planning an armed insurrection when Trump wins, saying “when Donald Trump refuses to stand down at the inauguration, the shooting will begin.” He urged his Facebook followers, “If you carry guns, buy ammunition, ladies and gentlemen, because it’s going to get hard.” Caputo went on to talk about being alone and seeing the long shadows on the ceiling of his apartment, saying his “mental health has definitely failed.” This is a truly dangerous form of projection the Trumpublicans are embracing, conjuring violent fantasies and stoking fear and division within their heavily armed, aggressive and paranoid ranks because they are losing the national debate on Covid, climate, and law and order. And of course Trump is the head cheerleader (he’s certainly not governing, spending the bulk of his time Tweeting, golfing and watching the Fox network in between his grotesque super-spreader hate-rallies).

At the same time it was reported that Trump crony Postmaster Louis DeJoy’s former company was given multiple non-competitive contracts by the USPS that may have overcharged taxpayers by $53-million versus contracts would have been competitively bid. DeJoy’s tenure has already been marred by the mail-slowdown scandal that persists to this day, and any legitimate president would have fired him long ago. An excellent investigation into the mail-delivery delays caused by DeJoy was published by the New York Times yesterday and shows just what an instant and dramatic negative effect DeJoy had on the efficiency and effectiveness of the USPS:

RawStory reported yesterday that the DeJoy slowdown has taken a huge toll on small businesses. A report from Michigan Senator Gary Peters noted that his office heard from more than 700 small businesses hurt by the slowdown. One small business owner said packages that used to take two, three or four days to be delivered were routinely taking three weeks and sometimes four, which is a devastating blow.

It was also reported yesterday that a whistleblower complaint alleged that an ICE detention center gave its female inmates “mass hysterectomies” for reasons that did not seem legitimate. This story has not yet been picked up by major media outlets, but if it proves accurate, it’s yet another grotesque and outrageous chapter in the inhumane and unAmerican scandal of our treatment of people at our borders, this time with a hint of Doctor Mengele. Keep an eye on this.

Biden’s edge in the FiveThirtyEight poll-of-polls predictor rose one point yesterday to a 76% chance of winning the election. Despite shrieking a message of panic and fear, Trump hasn’t been able to improve his polling since the Republican convention. Meanwhile, he was massively out-raised by Biden in August and had to pull TV ads from the air in Michigan and Pennsylvania, presumably to double up on the must-win state of Florida, where Bloomberg is now throwing his $100-million behind Biden. This is good.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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