This has been a week of devastating blockbuster news about Donald Trump, beginning with the fallout from revelations in The Atlantic that he called our troops suckers and losers for enlisting and dying in our wars. No sooner did the public begin to process the disgusting and soulless substance of these statements, corroborated by multiple news outlets, than the book by Michael Cohen was released, confirming our fears that Trump wants to stay in office for life, that he’s openly racist, that his business overstated assets for purposes of borrowing money and understated assets for tax calculations, that he loves dictators and dreams of their powers, and that he only cares about getting re-election.

Now yet another book has been released, “Rage,” by Bob Woodward of Watergate fame, comprised of 18 lengthy interviews with Trump as well as many other figures in the Trump cabinet and in the defense and intelligence world. Woodward’s book is based on tape recordings, some of which were released to news outlets like CNN to bolster the book’s credibility and protect it from the inevitable attacks by Trump and others. Woodward reveals the fact that in early February Trump knew that Covid was going to be catastrophic and that it was airborne, telling Woodward it was at least five times more deadly than the flu. Yet he also confessed to Woodward that he purposefully downplayed the facts, not wanting to cause a panic. In other words, for weeks and months Trump knew what was coming yet failed to properly warn us about the imminent threat. He lied to governors, making it harder for them to protect their citizens in the absence of any Federal response. He called the virus a hoax and demonized mask wearing when he knew we were facing a vicious airborne pathogen. Trump knew.

It’s not hyperbolic to believe and declare that Trump has the blood of thousands on his hands. Experts now estimate that if Trump had acted in early February, it could have saved up to 95% of the deaths, and it could have saved untold financial pain and economic damage since we could have avoided the worst parts of the shutdowns. No wonder so many other countries are emerging from Covid and moving forward while we still have 22 states with rising case numbers and are approaching a staggering death toll of 190,000.

It’s clear that when Trump says he doesn’t want to “panic” people, he means that (a) he doesn’t want to hurt his precious stock market, and (b) he doesn’t want voters to associate anything bad (like a pandemic) with Trump. So his strategy has been to pretend that “it is what it is” and move on.

Needless to say, it’s rich that a political figure would care about “panic” while his entire political movement has been based on fear-mongering. Watch out for Mexican rapists! Commies and socialists! Antifa! Deep State shadow people trying to destroy my presidency and our way of life! Libtard Democrats who hate America and want to destroy it because they hate Trump and the MAGA crowd! MS-13 gangs are taking over the suburbs! Anarchist rioters are coming to kill you and burn down your cities! Be afraid! BE AFRAID!!

Any other president would have resigned in disgrace by this point but Trump has no moral core, no conscience. The big question now, amid all these scandals and grotesque revelations, is whether or not they will move the political needle in Biden’s favor. They only need to have a small negative effect to do great political damage to Trump. But the fact that we even have to wonder exposes an even deeper truth. Trump has been able to maintain his power and his voters for a single horrifying reason. For two decades, a greedy and soulless Australian oligarch has developed, along with a recently deceased delusional and radical television producer (and sexual predator), a malignant propaganda network masquerading as news. It’s mostly staffed by partisan rumor-mongers and gossip spreaders with zero knowledge of journalism whose main function is to work with the GOP to solidify the power of a radical white minority under an authoritarian regime they control while destroying our democratic institutions. They’ve done this by creating a cult of viewers totally divorced from reality, fed lies and distortions 24/7 while the network and it’s stars profit. And their viewers vote.

At this point, voters who still support Trump only do so because they watch Fox and have no idea what a corrupt and dishonest scumbag he has revealed himself to be, or they are aware but just don’t believe it because they’ve been told that only Fox is true, everything else is a lie.

Trump still has an alarmingly good chance to win in November. Only an army of people devoted to truth and true democracy can ensure Trump doesn’t win another term. If you need further motivation, Trump said yesterday that Senator Ted Cruz is on his short list of nominees to the Supreme Court if he gets the chance to fill another opening. It’s not too late to pitch in and help defeat Trump. Start with MoveOn or SwingLeft. Join the events being held locally by Rep Antonio Delgado. Give to Biden, DSCC and other worthy outfits.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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