It was bad enough that Attorney General Bill Barr lied about the contents of the Mueller Report before it was officially released. And it was worse that he fired top prosecutors in several Federal Districts to impede or interfere with investigations that might include Trump or his family. And it was much worse that he tried to vacate the Michael Flynn prosecution after Flynn already arranged a guilty plea. And it was even more heinous and sleazy that he argued against a harsh sentence for Trump crony Roger Stone. It was also heinous that he allowed scumbag convict Paul Manafort to enjoy home-release due to Covid fears but tried to deny Trump lawyer Michael Cohen home-release simply because Cohen was writing a tell-all book about Trump. But now Barr is inserting himself into a civil prosecution of Trump by E. Jean Carroll, who claimed that she was raped by Trump and then was allegedly defamed by him when he called her a liar. Barr is pushing the ludicrous theory that because the defamation occurred while Trump was president, Trump deserves the same legal protection any federal employee gets, despite the fact that the actual incident between Trump and Carroll happened many years ago. In other words, our tax dollars will be spent defending Trump from his own words against a private US citizen. As former federal prosecutor Neal Katyal said on Twitter last night, “This is, putting it mildly, an insane position for DOJ. They are doing everything they can to appear to be Trump’s personal law firm. Its the opposite of the way the Department of Justice is supposed to behave.”

Barr is simply corrupt and has no ethical guardrails when it comes to doing Trump’s dirtywork. He’s almost as dangerous to our democracy and constitution as Trump. Recall that Barr was recently asked if it was legal for an individual to send in an absentee ballot and then go ahead and vote in-person, and Barr claimed he wasn’t sure, it depended on the state, blah blah. But in fact, it’s a felony and Barr was either lying or manifestly unfit for his job. Barr also lied to CNN recently about mail-in voter fraud in Texas, claiming that an individual involved in widespread voter fraud had recently been indicted there when in fact nothing of the sort had occurred. It’s becoming clear that, like Trump, Barr will do ANYTHING to stay in power so he can push his insane Christian-fundamentalist worldview that “secularism will destroy the moral order,” while at the same time serving a president who is blatantly and constantly immoral. To Barr, the ends justify the means, so he can rationalize lying and cheating and screwing anybody over as long as it accomplishes his larger goals. Just like Trump.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to hit the campaign trail, holding an event in North Carolina last night where nobody wore a mask or distanced. It’s yet another Trump event that might turn into a super spreader, like his Tulsa event. To see how badly public events can turn out, the Sturgis motorcycle rally held recently in South Dakota has now been linked to a subsequent outbreak of Covid cases estimated to number 250,000. Yes, you read that right. And the related costs to our nation are estimated at $12-billion dollars.

The drugmaker AstraZeneca halted one of their Covid vaccine trials yesterday because of a serious adverse reaction in one of the participants, which is a reminder that creating a vaccine is not easy and does not happen quickly. This is bad news for the Trump lie that a vaccine will be ready soon, maybe in time for the election!

All of this chaos has caused a large drop in the stock market, which should also make Trump nervous. He wants to campaign on good news but because of his catastrophic mismanagement of the pandemic, there is little good news left. Whether the market rises or falls, it will certainly be volatile in the next two months as investors try to decipher how badly the economy is damaged and which sectors will thrive, which will only survive, and which will go bust. But don’t let Trump fool anybody that the economy is in decent shape or somehow zooming back. It’s not.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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