The second evening of the Trump Party Lie-A-Thon aired last night and despite a nauseating miasma of conflicting messages and claims, three consistent messages began to emerge from the sludge, all of which were pure fiction.

First, the Trump cult keep pushing the fear-mongering message that America will become a violent, socialist hellscape under a Biden presidency.  Their claim is, “Things are great now but Biden will end America as we know and love it.”  It’s an odd stance considering that under Trump’s “presidency” the US has suffered 180,000 unnecessary deaths from Covid, 5.7 million confirmed cases, at least a 10% unemployment rate, a record -34% GDP in the second quarter, countless small business closures and bankruptcies, an impending tsunami of evictions and foreclosures, increased poverty, widening inequality, caged children, a Muslim ban, historic corruption & indictments, an impeachment, blatant nepotism and cronyism, and greatly exacerbated divisions.  In a nutshell, Trump wants his voters to “ignore my catastrophic failures and be afraid of Blue-collar Biden.”

Second, the Trump cult keep trying to rewrite recent economic history.  Trump shill Larry Kudlow, a once=respected economist, was pushing the easily refuted lie that Trump pulled the USA out of a recession. But Trump inherited a solid and growing economy from Obama. Moreover, whatever actions Trump and Mnuchin and the Fed took did little to change the economy’s trajectory.  It continued on a steady path upward until Covid hit.  In fact, the economy would have moderated more if not for Trump’s massive tax scam, which added a few tenths of a percent to GDP for a quarter or two.  But Trump and his Orwellian team are trying to sell his cult a giant economic lie, and all of us should call out their bullshit.

Third, the Trump Party are trying desperately to pretend that Trump’s response to Covid was heroic and “saved thousands of lives.” Even Larry Kudlow spoke of the pandemic in past tense, as if it had already been vanquished. This was perhaps the most disgusting and malevolent propaganda to emerge from last night’s clown show.  Trump ignored the warnings, ignored the outbreak and ignored the experts, calling the whole pandemic a “hoax” and assuring his cult that it would “magically disappear”.  The USA has 4% of the world’s population and 25% of the Covid cases–these devastating numbers can’t be wished away by a constant torrent of lies.  Trump’s inaction led to death on a historic scale, and the superior performance of so many other countries proves it.  Trump was some combination of incompetent and callously indifferent, and the families of the dead should never forget or forgive his dereliction of duty.  Every time Trump and his sycophants lie about him doing a good job, they insult and dishonor dead Americans.

Because Trump is weak and fraudulent and sensitive and petty, he and his supporters are constantly trying to convince everyone that he’s big and tough.  YouTube radical Charlie Kirk called Trump the “bodyguard of Western Civilization” (by which he meant, the protector of white privilege).  Yet Trump failed in the most essential task of a president. He didn’t protect the public from the ravages of a pandemic that he and his advisers knew was coming.  In fact, he made the outcome worse.  And that’s unforgivable.

Trump’s Convention received much lower first-night ratings than the Democratic Convention.  Eighteen million viewers watched the Democrats versus fifteen million for the Republicans.  But we have to expect the polling numbers to tighten once the four-day Trump propaganda circus finally ends.  And when massive voter suppression including a hobbled Postal Service combine with a motivated Trump base, we are in for a tough fight in the next 69 days.  Don’t forget that some Trump supporters are too embarrassed to admit their politics to pollsters.  And don’t forget that Russian interference is happening again on a wide scale.  We can’t take anything for granted and we sure as hell can’t expect Biden to beat Trump without every single voter getting to the polls and casting a vote or mailing in an accurate and proper ballot on time.  It’s not hyperbolic or melodramatic to point out that another four years of Trump would be catastrophic to everything we hold dear and make the last four years look tame–as so many ex-Trump administration officials have been warning us for months.

So please, keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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