The Trump Convention kicked off yesterday and it was truly unwatchable.  The hollowed out shell of the former Republican party has now been filled with Trumpism.  The RNC doesn’t even have an official party platform, just a series of resolutions aligning themselves with whatever glorious leader Trump wants.  Trump gave a preview of the convention saying that it would be uplifting, but as usual he was lying.  The first night’s theme painted a dark and dishonest fantasy of America as a violent, lawless hellscape that was somehow Biden’s fault and would only get worse under a Biden presidency.  Speaker after speaker claimed that Biden would destroy America despite the fact that America is in shambles under Trump.  The vast majority of time was devoted to demonizing Biden and lying about Trump’s achievements while saying almost nothing about Trump’s proposed policies.  Don Jr. claimed that Trump had powered an economic miracle before Covid hit, yet the economy by almost every measure was continuing on a trend line set by Obama.  In fact, Obama added more jobs in the last three years of his term than Trump in his first three, and Trump’s wild promises of a four-percent growth economy (“it’s so easy!”) never materialized, not even close.

While Trump was receiving cheers from his small circle of advisors and sycophants, the walls continued to cave in around him.  Here’s a short list of yesterday’s other news:

Twenty retired Republican members of Congress endorsed Biden, including Arizona’s Jeff Flake, Virginia’s John Warner, Connecticut’s Chris Shays and Pennsylvania’s Charlie Dent.

Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway announced she was leaving the White House at the end of the month to deal with a family crisis (her daughter is suing for emancipation as a minor).

Trump friend and advisor Jerry Fallwell Jr. resigned from Liberty University amid a tawdry sex scandal involving a love triangle.

The New York State Attorney General Letitia James announced that in a civil proceeding against the Trump Organization, Eric Trump had failed to comply with a subpoena.  Eric Trump’s lawyers essentially invoked his right not to testify, but he will likely need to be compelled by a judge to appear and assert his right in person–which will create the appearance of guilt.

Former Chairman of the RNC Michael Steele joined the “Never Trumper” Lincoln Project, which has produced a slew of hard-hitting ads against Trump and his administration.

Postmaster General and Trump crony Louis DeJoy testified before the House yesterday and received a grilling.  Chair Carolyn Maloney chastised DeJoy for failing to provide the Senate with an internal USPS memo leaked to the House detailing severe service slow-downs since his taking office.  CA Rep Katie Porter asked how much it cost to mail a post card, but DeJoy didn’t know.  Moreover, when asked who ordered 671 sorting machines to be removed from service, DeJoy claimed it wasn’t him.  When pressed by Porter, DeJoy claimed that he didn’t know who at the USPS had ordered it because the orders predated him.  Porter asked if DeJoy knew how many Americans voted by mail, within a million.  He did not.  Porter eventually told him “…I’m concerned about your understanding of this agency. And I’m particularly concerned about it because you started taking very decisive action when you became postmaster general.”

DeJoy’s testimony pointed in one of two directions.  Either DeJoy is a really bad manager and administrator, and has no business running the USPS, or he’s a liar trying to hide his dismantling of the USPS–or both.  Neither is good news, and it’s hard to see what recourse or leverage Congress still has over him despite his horribly troubling appearance yesterday.

Trump’s reality-TV convention continues tonight.  Will they turn the page or will they continue with the same hyperbolic fear-mongering?

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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