Public demand for an investigation into the dismantling of the US Postal Service swelled over the weekend, prompting Democratic politicians to recall the House of Representatives from recess this week to schedule hearings into the dirty-work ordered by new USPS head Louis DeJoy, as well as to draft legislation to prevent further damage to the cherished mail delivery institution. In addition, at least six states are getting together to decide whether they should sue the Trump regime for intentionally damaging mail delivery.

In recent weeks close to 700 mail sorting machines have been mysteriously de-commissioned, blue mail-collection boxes have been removed en masse in several states, and giant red locking devices have appeared on other mail collection boxes to prevent people from using them–all without official explanation.  A letter was sent to at least 46 states by the USPS declaring that its delivery capability may not meet the legal needs of states’ voting systems.  It’s obvious that Trump and DeJoy are trying to damage the ability of the USPS to deliver mail-in ballots on a timely basis in order to demoralize the public and keep citizens from trying to vote by mail, and to slow the actual mail down such that many mailed ballots will not arrive in time to legally qualify.  We need Congress to step in NOW and fight back against this blatant attempt to obstruct Democracy, especially because it damages our nation and hurts our citizens in other crucial ways.

The postal system is not the United States Postal Business, it’s the United States Postal SERVICE, meaning it’s a public service just like the United States Military or the United States Intelligence Service.  It isn’t built to turn a profit, it’s built to deliver a vital public utility.  It provides efficient, affordable and–until recently–reliable delivery of mail including Social Security checks, salary checks, household bills, legal and tax documents, election notices, goods sold by small businesses, and life-saving medicines.  All of these are now being delayed to the detriment of millions of Americans on both sides of the political spectrum.  Imagine being a small business whose only sales during the pandemic take place online but now your goods are taking two weeks to arrive to customers instead of three or four days. It’s disastrous.  But that’s what’s happening now in Trump’s decaying Democracy.

We have to keep up the pressure on our Reps to attack Trump and DeJoy, and not let them get away with such blatant and egregious election obstruction.

A few months ago Trump’s (now former) campaign manager Brad Parscale bragged that he was about to release their 2020 campaign “death star” to usher in Trump’s victory.  But recent reporting suggests that the Trump campaign is in total disarray, especially after Parscale’s demotion.  Here’s a great article from New York Magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi about her experiences trying to cover Trump’s campaign in Pennsylvania:

It was 7 p.m. on July 23, and Team Trump had scheduled a training session for campaign volunteers in the area. Before I arrived, I had worried about my exposure to the virus. I imagined a scene that was part local political-party headquarters and part anti-quarantine protest. I imagined a lot of Trump supporters, maskless and seated close together, breathing heavily on a reporter leaning in to record their comments. But the office was quiet. I walked through the arch of books by right-wing personalities (Bill O’Reilly, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh) and past the portraits (George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan) and maps of Pennsylvania voting precincts. I didn’t see anyone there.

Link to article:

It’s heartening to think that Trump’s campaign machine in the battleground state of PA is little more than a rusted out shell, and that national polls consistently show Joe Biden in the lead, but we also have to assume that many Trump voters are unwilling to admit their preferences to pollsters, leading to a consistent undercount of Trump support.  Nate Silver’s 538 political polling blog gave Trump a 27% chance of winning as of yesterday, which is way too close for comfort.  We need to continue to help battleground states in any way we can (go to for more info) and to help our local candidates as well.  The greater the margin of victory this November, the harder it will be for Trump to cheat the outcome and cling to power.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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