Here’s what you need to know going into the weekend.

Trump yesterday flat-out admitted to Fox news that he plans on rejecting any legislation that contains money for the US Postal Service in order to prevent the USPS from processing mail-in votes. According to Trump, no money means no mail-in voting. Trump’s corruption is always out in the open, allowing him to hide behind the false notion that anything done in the open can’t be bad.  But we now have ample evidence that Trump and his cronies are desperately trying to slow mail delivery to thwart voting my mail, either by causing ballots to arrive too late to be counted or by discouraging people from voting at all.  We’ve already had reports that overtime pay and late work have been forbidden by the new USPS director.  And we are now getting reports from USPS union reps that sorting machines are being taken from mail processing facilities. This is becoming a problem for Republicans too–these moves affect Americans evenly and millions of conservatives are already seeing their payroll checks and medications delayed.  We are also seeing reports from localities such as Portland, Oregon, that USPS drop boxes are being removed en masse, which makes it less convenient for citizens to send mail.  We are also seeing actions by Republicans in certain states to close or prohibit existing ballot drop boxes that would otherwise make it more convenient and less expensive for citizens to cast their absentee or mail-in ballots.

These are moves made by a desperate and dying party aware that it has already lost the majority of Americans but willing to do anything it can to cling to power.  It’s the opposite of Democracy and profoundly unAmerican.  Yet that’s where we find ourselves.  A major political party is actively undermining the right to vote.  It’s an attack on Democracy and a national emergency, and we must demand that our representatives scream bloody murder and take any action they can to expose and thwart this activity, including highlighting this issue with the public.  Call our reps today and make sure they know how many of us are deadly concerned about this Presidential and GOP corruption.

  • Representative Delgado:  202-225-5614
  • Senator Schumer:  (202) 224-6542
  • Senator Gillibrand:  (202) 224-4451

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen released the Forward to his upcoming book “Disloyal” and it appears to contain some shocking and alarming claims.  Cohen claims to have been involved in hiding Trump’s adultery from Melania, and he also claims that Trump cheated in the 2016 election, including collusion with Russia, and had  business dealings with Russia while lying about it to the American people.  Cohen is also concerned that Trump will not leave office no matter what happens in the 2020 election, and this concern is being echoed by a larger and larger group of experts on authoritarianism.

Concerning another indicator of authoritarianism, political insiders have been wondering about the status of the investigations by AG Barr of the Mueller investigators.  Recall that it has always been Justice Department policy not to make any investigative or prosecutorial announcements inside of 90 days from an election, a rule that James Comey broke in 2016 to the detriment of the Clinton campaign.  It turns out that AG Barr said on Fox yesterday that there is an announcement coming TODAY regarding said investigation–within 90 days from the election–and gave his usual bullshit legalese about why his breaking the policy was acceptable.  He described the announcement as “not Earth-shattering but,” so it’s safe to conclude and expect that corrupt AG Barr will do whatever he can, smear anyone he can, investigate and even prosecute anyone he can, in service of Trump’s reelection.  Today will likely bring proof of his malign intent.

Another champion of corruption, Grim Reaper McConnell, announced that the Senate would take their usual three week summer recess, starting now, without reaching a deal with Democrats on a Covid relief package.  The House bill has been sitting on McConnell’s desk since May, and will continue to sit there until after Labor Day, so it’s clear that Republicans in the Senate don’t think the pain and hardship of millions of Americans is a priority.  This is an issue all Democrats should be sticking in the faces of Republicans from now until the election.  Democrats were ready to do a deal but Republicans refused to compromise because they were too stingy and unwilling to give citizens and states the same generous  bailout treatment they gave big corporations and wealthy CEOs.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

Have a safe and energizing weekend.

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