Joe Biden and Kamala Harris held their first virtual campaign rally together yesterday.  Biden introduced Harris, who immediately went on the attack, condemning Trump’s historic failure to combat Covid.  Republicans meanwhile attacked Harris, some saying she is the most radical liberal ever to run as VP, while others said she is too moderate to excite Democrats, all of whom have become radical leftists.  In other words, the flailing Republicans can’t figure out how to attack Harris beyond echoing Trump’s misogynist description of her as “nasty” or resorting to vile conspiracy theories. The radical right-wing is now pushing the bogus notion that Harris’s parents were illegal immigrants and thus she is barred from being President or Vice President. It’s the latest version of the Obama Birther myth Trump spent so much time and energy pushing. In trying to attack Harris the GOP reveals their desperation and internal division.

Thanks to Trump’s profound incompetence, the United States yesterday recorded its highest single day coronavirus death total since mid-May, around 1,500 deaths.  Total infections continue to climb but the daily totals are leveling off as more Americans adopt proper social distancing, mask-wearing and hand washing protocols.  But there are still a huge number of citizens who refuse to comply despite a mountain of evidence against them.  Consider that many of the outbreaks in the Sun Belt were tied to bars and restaurants that reopened too quickly–all of them indoors.  Not a single outbreak has yet occurred from an outdoor restaurant or bar where distancing and masks were used.  Conservative trolls on social media love to push the myth that California’s virus cases have been climbing because of the huge protests held in LA.  But New York also had huge protests and they didn’t lead to outbreaks.  Why?  Because protesters were wearing masks.

The London-based journalist Brian Klaas penned a fascinating op-ed in the Washington Post yesterday describing how, despite many early failures and a tragically high death rate, Britain is mostly returning to normal–while the US is not.  Klaas writes:

…the experience of living in Britain — a pandemic disaster by global standards — only highlights how uniquely abysmal President Trump’s response has been in the United States. Britain messed up, but at least the government isn’t attacking its own scientists, peddling dangerous drugs, promising the virus will disappear like a miracle, hypothesizing about the benefits of injecting disinfectants, spreading disinformation about objective health statistics, retweeting doctors who claim that demons cause illness or trying to eliminate the health insurance coverage of millions of people during a raging pandemic.

The contrast between Britain and the US is striking. Americans need to know what is happening over there, and by contrast what is not happening here.  Klaas ends with this depressingly accurate conclusion:

…the fact that the United Kingdom is now on a drastically better trajectory than the United States underscores a depressing lesson: Trump’s incompetence and his indifference to mass death was a policy choice. It didn’t have to be this way.

The full article is a short and worthwhile read:

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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