Yesterday’s big announcement from NYS AG Letitia James had little to do with Trump.  She announced that New York was filing suit to dissolve the National Rifle Association.  James alleged that the NRA needed to be shut down amid widespread fraud and misuse of funds.  Millions of dollars of donations had apparently been used to fund a lavish lifestyle among the top echelon of the gun group, four of whom were named and also  charged.  It’s no secret that the NRA is primarily a trade association to legitimize gun manufacturers and promote gun sales by pretending to be a gun rights organization.  The NRA stokes fear and peddles conspiracy theories to terrify Americans into buying more guns.  But for all their talk about law-and-order, their internal workings are looking all the more criminal.

The NRA used to be a reasonable gun advocacy group that took policy positions that were not entirely unreasonable.  But in recent years, the NRA was co-opted by radical right wing gun zealots whose policy positions were increasingly extreme and alarmist. There was no longer room for negotiation or reasonable compromise, even as mass shootings and horrific gun tragedies mounted.  Assuming their misdeeds are enough to dissolve their organization, we can all say, “good riddance.”

Weekly jobless claims again rose by over a million yesterday as the coronavirus recession continued to hammer the economy.  Against that backdrop, the Paycheck Protection Program that has helped support small businesses is set to expire, along with the $600/week unemployment benefit and eviction protections. Democrats have been playing hardball with Grim Reaper McConnell, who tried to blame the Covid relief impasse on the Dems even though they’ve had a bill passed and waiting for McConnell for months.  But McConnell has been seeking a compromise that is much more cruel to everyday Americans–because cruelty has become central to the Republican brand.  Democrats should hold firm because most Americans know who the heartless scumbags in this scenario really are.

Here are three actions you can take this weekend to help our nation defeat Trump:

1 – Support the US Postal Service.  Buy stamps.  Call your Reps and declare your support.  Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper.  Write a thank-you note to your letter carrier.  Every little bit helps.

2 – Make sure you are registered to vote in the November election and if you plan on voting by mail, request your ballot early and mail it in early.  More info here:

3 – Join a phone bank and help Democrats get elected.  A phone banking event is being held TOMORROW at NOON by Team Delgado.  You can sign up here:

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

Have a nice and peaceful weekend.


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