It was announced last night that New York Attorney General Letita James will make a major news announcement today around 11:30 am, presumably about an investigation or indictment, and speculation about the content has been predictably rampant on cable news and social media.  Some wonder if the news concerns Donald Trump. Presidents can’t be indicted by the Feds, but a state court isn’t necessarily bound by that unwritten rule.  Others wonder if Trump’s children might be the target.  We know there are several area of interest to law enforcement concerning the Trump family, including bank fraud relating to loans, misuse of funds relating to charitable organizations, and tax fraud related to valuation irregularities.  Stay tuned.

It was also reported yesterday that the Manhattan DA’s office subpoenaed Deutsche Bank for financial records relating to their investigation of Trump’s finances and loans, and received from the bank a large cache of documents.  It’s the first report of actual documents being handed over to law enforcement concerning Trump.  Does this have anything to do with AG James’ announcement?

It’s safe to say that Trump is under a microscope like never before, and will remain there for the rest of his life.  If his business “success” was fueled by fraud, investigators will find out.

Trump was also on the losing end of Facebook and Twitter policy yesterday, when several of his posts and tweets were taken down because they were spreading false information about Covid.  Trump said in several interviews yesterday that children were “practically immune” from coronavirus, which is a dangerous lie.  And he went on to repeat this lie on social media.  When the posts were taken down, he and his cult raged against the social media platforms, but it’s not the first time his posts have violated the platforms’ terms of service.

Trump delivered another grotesque outrage yesterday by falsely claiming that mail-in voting was fine in Republican-led states like Florida, because they have such great voting systems and regulations.  But Democrat led states can’t do mail-in voting because their poorly managed voting systems are ripe for fraud.  If Obama had said anything similar, Tea Party Lunatics would have been running through the streets screaming bloody murder and the Fox Network would have been announcing the end of the world.  But when dictator Trump spews bold-faced propaganda to manipulate public perception in an effort to cheat the election, the “freedom from tyranny” crowd say and do nothing, zero, zilch.

Trumpublicans in the Senate yesterday tried to bolster Trump’s “Obamagate” fantasy by interviewing former Obama Justice Department official Sally Yates about the Michael Flynn case, but it didn’t go well for the GOP.  Yates cooly and clearly answered their questions and countered several things that Republicans have been lying about for years.  She confirmed that the Obama administration was not surveilling the Trump campaign.  She confirmed that Michael Flynn lied to the Trump people and the FBI.  She also testified that the FBI had a solid basis to interview Michael Flynn.  Senator Lindsey Graham was hoping the hearing would back the Trump claim that the Mueller investigation was illegitimate, but instead Yates’ testimony supported the Mueller findings.  Of course, this won’t keep Republicans in the Senate from trivializing the huge role Russia played in helping Trump in 2016.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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