House Democrats and White House officials continued to negotiate yesterday on a new coronavirus relief package but no deal has yet been struck.  Trump and the Republicans don’t want to extend the $600 per week jobless benefit believing that it keeps people from seeking work–which is absurd.  There are roughly six times as many people out of work as there are job openings, so reducing the weekly benefit would do nothing but reduce spending power and lower revenue for businesses, especially small businesses.  Continuing the benefit would continue to support and stimulate the economy.  Trumpublicans are also resisting aid to state and local governments even though such aid is exactly the purpose of a federal government–to backstop states in times of severe revenue loss from significantly lower tax receipts.  And once again, by giving emergency aid to states, the federal government would be stimulating the overall economy in a time of downturn and free-falling GDP.

The other big news yesterday concerned a filing by the Manhattan District Attorney that hinted at a much broader investigation than was previously known into financial fraud and misdeeds by the Trump organization.  DA Cyrus Vance has been going after Trump’s taxes, and Vance’s latest court filing disclosed that his investigation has a wide legal basis for demanding those records.  Here’s good coverage in the NY  Times by William K. Rashbaum and Benjamin Weiser:

The legal net is closing around Trump and it’s one of the many reasons he’ll seemingly do anything to get re-elected.  Recall that he is Individual One in the felony election fraud case that sent his lawyer Michael Cohen to prison.  In fact, it was Cohen’s statements to the court in that felony case that put the fraud focus squarely on Trump.  Cohen claimed under oath that Trump inflated his assets for the purposes of obtaining loans from banks, which is fraud.  Vance is surely interested in looking into this claim.

We also learned yesterday that the Census Bureau plans on ending their Census-counting efforts a month early, ending on September 30th instead of October 31st.  This is just the latest ploy by Trump’s people overseeing the Census to change the rules, cheat the system, and undercount people of color, who may historically wait longer to report than other groups.  It’s vitally important that we do our part to report to the Census Bureau and make sure members of our community do the same.  If we don’t, we stand to lose federal funds and maybe even a congressional seat in New York State.  It’s easy to reply to the Census online, which is how I did it.  Just go here and follow instructions:

As you probably know, tropical storm Isiasis is bearing down upon us this afternoon.  Please stay safe.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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