Coronavirus continues to surge in dozens of states as the national new case count starts to level off.  The daily death toll, lagging new cases by several weeks, is now shooting up to record highs.  Virologist Deborah Birx warned yesterday that the virus is in a new phase, more widespread in the country than in March and April, which means that widespread countermeasures like mask wearing, distancing and hand washing are critical to keep hot spots from flaring.  It was also reported over the weekend that in an area experiencing a hot spot, a gathering of any 10 people has a 40% chance of one of those people being infected, and a gathering of 25 people has a 72% chance of one of these people being infected.  Yet many schools are scheduled to be reopened soon and some states refuse to mandate mask wearing for students.  It’s insane.  And how did Trump respond to the worsening crisis this weekend?  He went golfing.

Even Republicans are starting to reject Donald Trump.  To them, social distancing is less about Covid protection than running away from the stain of Trump’s failures. Grim Reaper McConnell this weekend told Senate Republicans that they should start to distance themselves from Trump if it helps their re-election chances. McConnell is terrified of losing the Senate, which seems more probable with each passing day.  Trump’s tweet about postponing the election secretly horrified Republicans in Congress and was enough to prompt a co-founder of the ultra-conservative Federalist Society (the group whose list of right-wing Supreme Court nominees Trump used to pick Gorsuch and Kavanaugh) to demand that Congress impeach Trump again!

A sad but compelling op-ed was published in the Times last week that may have skipped your attention about the pitiful state of the Republican party.  The author was Stuart Stevens, a Republican insider for four decades who worked on multiple Republican campaigns including Romney and Bush, and he makes the case that Trump is the inevitable outcome of decades of Republican policy.

I spent decades working to elect Republicans, including Mr. Romney and four other presidential candidates, and I am here to bear reluctant witness that Mr. Trump didn’t hijack the Republican Party. He is the logical conclusion of what the party became over the past 50 or so years, a natural product of the seeds of race-baiting, self-deception and anger that now dominate it. Hold Donald Trump up to a mirror and that bulging, scowling orange face is today’s Republican Party.

He also makes this sad observation about where the GOP is now:

Reading Mr. Bush’s 2000 acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention now is like stumbling across a document from a lost civilization, with its calls for humility, service and compassion. That message couldn’t attract 20 percent in a Republican presidential primary today. If there really was a battle for the soul of the Republican Party, we lost.

Here’s the full article:

It’s clear that Trump’s campaign is failing.  His poll numbers are horrible, and they should be.  He did NOTHING to attack Covid and instead tried to politicize the pandemic and bullshit his way around it.  All a person needs to do is look at almost every other advanced country to see how miserably Trump failed.  Life is beginning to slowly normalize in Asia and Europe, while we are blocked from entering most countries.  Our death toll just passed 154,000 and our GDP fell an astounding 32.9% last quarter.  Statisticians are now giving Biden a 9-out-of-10 chance of winning the election, but of course it will require us to show up and vote.  Rosy predictions also don’t factor in Russia or GOP operatives hacking our voting systems or voter rolls–which is far from impossible.  We have a lot of work left to do.

It’s also notable that Rep Antonio Delgado has kept a high profile this year, working hard to amend legislation to benefit our farmers, veterans and small businesses.  He’s been highly visible and accessible, both on social media and in virtual town halls.  On the other hand, his Republican challenger, Kyle Van De Water, has been mostly invisible.  If he’s got a social media presence, it’s well hidden.  And with three months until the election, I’ve seen not one Van De Water lawn sign.  Meanwhile, Biden lawn signs are sprouting up around Dutchess County, which is a wonderful sight to see.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”


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