Coronavirus deaths passed the grim 150,000 mark as several Sun Belt states continued to see their daily case numbers rise, and the overall US pandemic continued to grow.  At the same time, Trump continued to talk about hydroxychloroquine and push the videos of a “doctor” who believes that certain ailments are caused by demon sperm, and that our medical establishment uses alien DNA.  You can’t make this stuff up.

As preposterous as Trump is from day to day, we can’t be distracted from what he’s doing behind the scenes.  He’s been working hard for months to demonize voting-by-mail (even though he and dozens of other high-profile Republicans vote this way often) to lay the groundwork to claim that his eventual election loss will be the result of massive voter fraud, not massive unpopularity.  If the election outcome is neither decisive nor speedy, his chances of cheating the result grow bigger.

That’s why we all need to know what’s going on at the US Postal Service.  Earlier this year Trump installed a new, loyal Postmaster General who has been quietly destroying the Postal Service from the inside out.  Many of you might have already noticed that the mail isn’t traveling as quickly as it used to.  There’s good reason.  The USPS uses overtime to manage its workload, since it’s ebbs and flows are often irregular and unpredictable.  Using overtime pay prevents the USPS from having to hire and fire people all the time in proportion to the volume of mail.  But suppose overtime was no longer allowed, and hiring new workers was also prohibited.  The flow of mail would have to slow.  And that’s exactly what has happened under Trump’s new stooge, Louis DeJoy.

DeJoy recently ended overtime work at the post office, and things are already going south.  Here’s a great overview from Fortune Magazine on what’s happening:

The slowdown has several consequences, all of which play into Trump’s tiny hands.  First, the slowdown hurts companies like Amazon who rely on the USPS for fast delivery, and this suits Trump well since he hates Amazon chief Jeff Bezos–because Bezos also owns The Washington Post, which is often critical of President Pinocchio. The slowdown also hurts many small businesses, but Trump doesn’t give a shit about that one way or another.  Second, the slowdown puts the USPS in further peril, increasing the likelihood that it will eventually either be shut down or privatized–Republicans hate public businesses, even if they are required by the Constitution, as the USPS is, because they don’t want citizens to know that the government can provide important services.  Third, the slowdown will affect the November election since so many people are likely to vote by mail.  The longer it takes for their ballots to arrive, the more likely they will arrive too late to be counted, OR the more likely they will arrive late and slow down the actual count, giving Trump greater opportunity to sow conspiracy theories in an attempt to invalidate the outcome.

The USPS is one of the most popular quasi-government services. We need to illuminate the fact that Trump and his feckless party are hurting Americans by trying to destroy the USPS for craven political advantage in the 2020 election. Enough is enough.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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