The United States reached another grim milestone yesterday, passing 4 million total confirmed coronavirus cases.  In his daily re-election presser masquerading as a Covid information session, Trump told reporters yesterday that America was in good shape–despite cases raging in the Sun Belt–and that great treatments and vaccines were coming soon–which almost every expert disagrees with. After stiffly reading a speech clearly written for him, not by him, Trump took five softball questions from friendly reporters  and then ran off.  He still hasn’t been asked why he’s given no response to Russian targeting of American troops in Afghanistan, nor has he been asked about his sudden concern for the health and safety of GOP convention-goers when he clearly didn’t give a rat’s ass about the health and safety of his supporters in Tulsa a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile, eviction moratoriums expire today for roughly 12 million Americans. Republicans in the Senate continue to fight among themselves over how to respond to the ongoing financial crisis as the latest emergency funding bill from the House sits in Grim Reaper McConnell’s legislative graveyard.  Every day that passes without action bolsters the fact that the Trumpublican party simply doesn’t care about the millions and millions of workers laid off due to the pandemic.  Trump’s brilliant idea was to cut the payroll tax, which would have done ZERO for the unemployed.  Weekly jobless claims shot up yesterday for the first time in several weeks, suggesting that the Covid outbreaks and resulting lock-downs in the Sun Belt were once again putting Americans out of work.  All of this pain and dislocation was avoidable if only we had a president who cared enough to take drastic action five months ago.  Instead, we have a pathological liar whose sole concern is getting re-elected so he can avoid indictment for felony election fraud.

The biggest news yesterday was the response Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave to the verbal abuse she suffered from Rep Ted Yoho of Florida.  AOC’s speech on the floor of the House was a masterful lesson on how to deal with lying, misogynistic bullies.  Here’s a link to her full remarks:

Much has been made of the racism at the heart of the Republican party, especially in the era of Trump.  But misogyny is a co-equal part of the GOP’s toxic culture.  There isn’t one female Democratic lawmaker in Washington who hasn’t been smeared and demonized in the most vile ways by the GOP, Trump, and their allies, and this is by design.  Conservatives fear the power of women, and their response is to demonize.  In the conservative mind, women are still not allowed to be strong, assertive, bold or competent without being called what AOC was called by Yoho–a “fucking bitch.”  Old white conservatives simply cannot accept women as full equals, clinging to an array of double standards.  For example, assertive men are described as strong and passionate, while assertive women are considered bitchy and preachy.  But the Democratic women of Congress are pushing back and schooling jerks like Yoho on a regular basis.  AOC and her generation understand messaging and social media far better than the old guard–and it shows.

We need to keep fighting for a Congress that looks like America and reflects the needs and aspirations of all our citizens, not just the white conservative elite who’ve had generations of advantage and privilege.  And it starts at the top of the ticket.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

Have a safe and relaxing weekend.  And don’t forget, Rep Delgado is holding a Facebook Live Town Hall tomorrow at 12:30.  Facebook users can find it at this address:


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