In his reconstituted daily coronavirus briefing, Trump adopted a newly somber tone yesterday and said he was crafting a national response to the pandemic.  Of course, this “effort” is coming months too late–if it even materializes.  Trump had to be criticized, shamed and battered by sinking poll numbers before abandoning his tactic of dismissing the virus as a hoax while denying historic new-case numbers.  Trump is clearly desperate and worried about his chances in November and sees that his mishandling of the pandemic is the number one issue dragging his campaign into the cellar.  But his numbers also reflect historic corruption and incompetence.

While Trump fumbles with his disastrous presidency, it’s probably a good time to recap what NY-19’s Congressional Rep Antonio Delgado has been up to.  Delgado has been busy at work, holding virtual meetings with constituent groups and local businesses, as well as pushing legislation in the House.  Most of the legislation passed by the House will never get past Grim Reaper McConnell, but it will be waiting in the wings to be re-introduced if the Democrats can flip the Senate this fall.

Here is a short sampling of some of the things Delgado has been working on or voting for the past couple of weeks:

He voted for the Water Resources Development Act of 2020 to protect our Nation’s vital ports, harbors and inland waterways, including the Hudson River.  Gets reauthorized every two years.

He introduced the Fairness for Local Veteran Cemeteries Act, which authorizes the VA to issue grants to protect veteran cemeteries in states like NY where individual counties are responsible for veteran cemetery maintenance and thus not currently eligible for federal cemetery funds.

He voted for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Enhancement Act, which aims to bolster and expand the ACA, strengthen Medicaid, and lower drug costs.  Passed the House, now sitting in the Senate.

He got the DHS’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program to give a $3K grant to Summit Fire Department in Schoharie, a volunteer fire department in need.

He’s been holding webinars for local small businesses to answer their questions about government resources available during Covid and to hear their concerns.

One of the more controversial votes Delgado cast recently was voting against an amendment to the Defense Authorization Act that would add limits to the Insurrection Act (the act allows a President to send the military at the request of a state governor).  The amendment passed the House mostly along party lines but without the votes of 14 Democrats, most of whom, like Delgado, were from swing districts.

Delgado will be holding a Facebook Live town hall this Saturday at 12:30pm.  Anyone can join if they are a Facebook user.  His FB address is:

You can submit questions beforehand.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out office.”

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