We learned yesterday that the United States set a new coronavirus record on Tuesday with a whopping 67,417 cases in a single day.  Forty one states are now seeing rising infection rates, and the country is closing in on 3.5 million total cases thus far.  Conservatives continue to whine that the virus is only two or three times more deadly than the flu, somehow believing this justifies going back to normal life even if hospitals become overwhelmed, thousands more die, and hundreds of thousands of survivors accrue potentially life-long and/or life-shortening disabilities.  These days, the “party of life” more closely resembles a death cult.

Conservatives also point out that while cases may be rising in places like Florida, the death counts remain low.  But this claim is dangerously misguided.  Recent history taught us that Covid deaths trail new Covid cases by at least two to three weeks.  So last weeks’ record case counts won’t be reflected in new  deaths for at least another week, if not more.  They were warned, months ago, but they didn’t listen.  Alexis C. Madrigal published a detailed report on the coming death surge in The Atlantic yesterday and it’s powerfully depressing.

…the South and West—where SARS-CoV-2 is burning through the population—are much more populous than the Northeast. If those areas continue to see cases grow, they could see as many deaths per million as the Northeast did but multiplied by a larger number of people. At 1,100 deaths per million, the South and West would see 180,000 more deaths. Even at half the Northeast’s number, that’s another 69,000 Americans.

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Some virologists are now saying that we could tally 200K deaths by September and 300K by the end of the year.  According to pandemic historian John M. Barry in the New York Times, significant portions of the country will have to close down again NOW to avoid an out-of-control surge.  Barry writes:

To understand just how bad things are in the United States and, more important, what can be done about it requires comparison. At this writing, Italy, once the poster child of coronavirus devastation and with a population twice that of Texas, has recently averaged about 200 new cases a day when Texas has had over 9,000. Germany, with a population four times that of Florida, has had fewer than 400 new cases a day.

He goes on to warn us:

Half-measures will leave transmission at a level vastly exceeding those of the many countries that have contained the virus. Half-measures will leave too many Americans not living with the virus but dying from it.

Full article:


Other experts warn that we won’t emerge from this crisis until we have federal leadership managing a centralized, national effort to coordinate our resources, enforce protections, and ramp up testing.  In other words, we won’t emerge from this crisis as long as Trump is in the White House.

What did Trump do yesterday?  He mugged for the camera in the Oval Office with a half-dozen Goya bean products displayed on the Resolute Desk.  Just another ethics violation and possible violation of federal law.  Trump also visited Atlanta where he failed to wear a mask in violation of a local ordinance.  Never forget that Emperor Trump is above the law.  Laws are for the little people.

The election this November will likely represent the most important and consequential vote each of us ever casts.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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