As expected, the Supreme Court yesterday sent both Trump-tax cases back to lower courts.  SCOTUS ruled that the president must comply with a Congressional subpoena if Congress fulfills certain legal criteria–but didn’t in this case.  So Congress now has a road-map from SCOTUS to request Trump’s tax returns from the lower court.  It will just take time.  SCOTUS also ruled that Trump’s accounting firm cannot avoid a state court subpoena simply because Trump is president.  His legal remedies are no different than any other plaintiff.  So now the Manhattan DA will go back to the lower court’s grand jury and re-submit a subpoena to the accounting firm to get Trump’s taxes.  This will also take some time.

The good news is, both cases will ultimately lead to the handing over of Trump’s taxes to investigators.  All will ultimately be revealed.  The bad news is, neither disclosure will likely occur before the election.  But Trump understood how badly he lost yesterday, and it was reflected in the long Twitter tantrum he posted after the rulings, blathering about the Mueller hoax and I’m always beating them but they keep harassing me and spying on me and it’s the biggest scandal in presidential history and so unfair and blah blah blah.

It seems increasingly likely that the day Trump leaves office he will be indicted by the Manhattan DA in the campaign finance fraud case that sent Trump lawyer Michael Cohen to jail.  Trump was unnamed “Co-conspirator Number One” in that case because a sitting president can’t be indicted, but the moment he’s no longer president, “Co-conspirator Number One” will be replaced in all of the case filings with Donald John Trump–and this must terrify Trump and his family.  Moreover, with Trump’s taxes in hand, the Manhattan DA can now investigate the massive tax fraud uncovered by the New York Times and mentioned in this blog yesterday.  If Trump isn’t really a billionaire, as many suspect, his fortune could conceivably be severely reduced by a large tax fraud judgement. And this must also terrify Trump and his family.

The November election is only 115 days away and anything could happen between now and then.  But Liberals and Progressives couldn’t ask for a better setup than the current political moment.  Covid is crushing several Red States including Texas, Florida, Arizona, Oklahoma and South Dakota–and voters there are beginning to understand how badly our nation has been betrayed by Trump’s negligence and dereliction of duty.  Rather than respond quickly to the pandemic, he wasted time and lied about the severity of the outbreak.  Rather than finally marshaling the powers of private enterprise to build a huge PPE production effort, and rather than building and coordinating a nationwide testing and tracing effort, Trump surrendered and passed the buck to the states. Rather than lead by example and plead with citizens to minimize activity, wear masks, and socially distance, Trump demonized the virologists and turned public health into a culture war issue to push states into re-opening quickly–putting tens of thousands of lives at risk in order to “look good.” Stories appear daily of Trump supporters who ridiculed the lockdown and refused to wear a mask, and then contracted Covid and are shocked and sorry. Outside his shrinking cult of supporters, Americans are increasingly disgusted with Trump’s malevolence and incompetence, and their disapproval is reflected in a steady stream of poll numbers showing Trump way behind Biden nationally, as well as in several crucial battleground states.

A fascinating article in the Atlantic by Ron Brownstein details how the demographics of America have shifted since 1968.  There are:

  • Half as many White Christian voters
  • Eight times as many secular voters
  • Half as many small town or rural voters
  • Three times as many voters with some college education

The America that Trump grew up in is fading away, and this has huge implications for the political future of our nation, as well as the coming election.  Republicans will have an increasingly difficult time, and Democrats will have an increasingly easier time pushing their agenda and winning elections. Full article linked here:

Trump knows his re-election chances are dimming, and he’ll stoop to any level to try to turn things around.  This will be a turbulent and dangerous 115 days, but we can’t let fatigue or exhaustion prevent us from doing whatever we can to ensure Trump’s defeat, as well as every other Republican currently in office.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

Have a safe and relaxing weekend.

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