The news cycle this week is becoming a broken record.

The fallout from Trump’s “BriefingGate” scandal keeps snowballing.  Yesterday we learned that our Intel community had evidence of large payments between the Russian spy unit “GRU” and the Taliban in 2019, bolstering the case that the Taliban were paid for targeted hits of US and coalition forces, confirming the intelligence assessment. Trump and his spokespeople have backed themselves into a rhetorical corner, contending that Trump wasn’t “directly” briefed by anyone from the Intel community about the Russian targeting, which doesn’t contradict reporting that Trump was informed via his daily presidential brief.  It merely suggests that Trump doesn’t read his briefings, doesn’t remember his briefings, doesn’t comprehend his briefings, doesn’t care about his briefings, or some combination of these.  Either way, it’s a dereliction of duty and yet another tragic reminder that Trump is unfit for ANY public office.

Another reminder of Trump’s incompetence is the pandemic raging across the Sun Belt.  More records broken, more daily cases, more hospitals near capacity.  Virologists are now saying that we seem to be experiencing another case of exponential community spread in many of these states, including Texas, Arizona and Florida.  The only way to stop the spread is a stay-at-home lockdown, like NYC and environs put in place three-plus months ago.  To shut down cities like Houston, Phoenix and Miami would devastate those local economies and once again damage our national economy–yet that is where we all seem to be heading in the conspicuous and calamitous absence of Federal leadership from the White House.  Our nation has become a rolling failure to adequately address the outbreak, with each day a new chance for Trump to step up and assert control, and each day a new example of his utter  surrender and failure.

The Kentucky Democratic primary race seems finally to be decided, with Amy McGrath narrowly advancing to challenge incumbent grim reaper “Moscow” Mitch McConnell, the the most destructive and toxic politician in America after Trump. Please consider pitching in to support her race.  You can bet the GOP will pouring resources into McConnell’s coffers to avoid what would be a humiliating defeat this November.

Finally, the exodus of advertisers from Facebook continues to pick up steam.  To protest unchecked hate speech on Facebook, some advertisers began a month-long boycott of Facebook, and the movement really picked up steam as larger and more influential companies joined.  Facebook scrambled to add warnings to certain groups and posts, but influential companies like CocaCola, Unilever and Pfizer joined the boycott, terrifying Facebook and prompting more advertisers to consider pulling out. Watch this story.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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