It’s been a busy week of news.  Here’s what you need to know going into the weekend.

The Supreme Court rejected Trump’s attempt to nullify DACA.  Trump’s DOJ claimed that DACA was illegally formed and should carry no weight.  The SCOTUS disagreed, saying that the procedure used by the DOJ to end DACA was not proper.  The door is still open for Trump and his DOJ to try again to repeal DACA, but assuming anything they do will be challenged in court, nothing is likely to change before the election.  The court’s decision was a giant relief to the 800K people in America who signed up for protection under DACA and have been living in legal limbo under the Trump regime.

Mary Elizabeth Taylor, assistant Secretary of State for legislative affairs, resigned her post yesterday over concerns with Trump’s mishandling of racial issues.  Taylor, one of the few top administration officials who is black, was considered a loyal and dedicated member of Team Trump.  Taylor said, “The President’s comments and actions surrounding racial injustice and Black Americans cut sharply against my core values and convictions.”  The department is another high-profile blow to Trump’s cabinet.

Senator Amy Klobuchar announced her withdrawal from presumed Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s vice presidential sweepstakes last night, saying, “I think this is a moment to put a woman of color on that ticket.”  It’s possible that Klobuchar saw the writing on the wall and decided to withdraw before being rejected, but either way, she remains committed to stumping for Biden and working to remove Trump from the White House.

New York City appears to be on the verge of starting Phase Two of the reopening on Monday, which will allow more categories of workers to return to their jobs.  The case numbers and other metrics are going in the right direction, though Governor Cuomo warned that all citizens must continue to adhere to strict social distancing guidelines and mask wearing or risk a resurgence.

Meanwhile, coronavirus continues to ravage the south and west.  The 14-day national average of new cases rose a depressing 7% as Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina and Texas all saw steep increases in cases.  Florida in particular has seen record numbers of new infections for several days in a row, creating a new blizzard of criticism for Governor DeSantis.  California has also experienced a concerning increase in new cases, so yesterday Governor Newsom mandated mask wearing in public in response to the growing numbers.

Trump continues to prepare for his upcoming hate-rally in Tulsa on Saturday despite concern from local business leaders that not enough preparations are being made to protect attendees and, by extension, Oklahoma citizens.  A tightly packed, maskless, screaming crowd in an indoor arena is the textbook description of a “worst case scenario” for spreading Covid-19, yet Fox and other infotainment outlets continue to pretend that Covid is overblown and that mask-wearing is a liberal conspiracy to destroy American’s liberties. But if Trump gets his wish, the Saturday rally will almost certainly become a source of coronavirus infection and spread. After three-plus years of Trump’s disgraceful conduct and the related moral bankruptcy of his aggrieved cult of supporters, it’s difficult to muster sympathy for people who are risking their lives–as well as the lives of countless others–to attend a rally when they’ve been warned of the dire consequences that will surely follow.  It’s not conjecture, it’s statistics.  Assuming Trump goes ahead with the rally, it will be interesting to see just how defiant and belligerent the rally-goers become.  Perhaps it will be reminiscent of the final party scene in the classic horror film, Masque of the Red Death.

Another sad item yesterday came from a report in the New York Times, which noted that bankruptcy experts expect a tidal wave of filings in the coming weeks and months, preparing for numbers not seen in our lifetimes.   As cash balances dwindle and government programs run out of money, experts predict that many businesses are heading for a cliff in the next 30 to 60 days, and their bankruptcy filings will have a ripple effect as their lenders and creditors try to absorb the losses.  The wave will create a financial mess and it’s uncertain just how many will be able to emerge from bankruptcy and start over. Much depends upon how effective they can be in a post-Covid environment.

Today is Juneteenth, commemorating the end of slavery.

Have a restful weekend.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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