If you were paying attention to the news yesterday you likely saw that the Supreme Court took two very substantial actions.

First, they ruled 6-3 that, pursuant to the 1964 civil rights act, LGBTQ citizens could not be discriminated against in the workplace. The author of the majority opinion was none other than conservative Neil Gorsuch, whose ruling shocked many court observers, especially Republicans and Federalist Society-types who were hoping for a different outcome from one of their own.  The opinion essentially agrees that sexual orientation is less a choice than something intrinsic–a notion that many conservatives have spent decades arguing against.  The historic ruling gives an enormous boost to the push for equality for people of all gender definitions, and deals a blow to the Trump regime’s constant efforts to marginalize LGBTQ Americans and relegate them to second-class citizen status.

Second, the SCOTUS declined to take up a lower court ruling that allowed to let stand the California law that defines the state as a sanctuary for immigrants.  Under the California “sanctuary state” law, local law enforcement is prohibited from cooperating with ICE and other Federal agents trying to round up immigrants whose only crime is to be in this country without a permit.  The decision is another blow to the Trump administration’s assault on immigrants, many of whom are essential workers, as well as their assault on local control of police and law enforcement.

Meanwhile, the Covid pandemic continued to surge in certain southern and western states as the president and his circle dismissed the death toll and ignored recent outbreaks.  Trump and his sycophants seemed determined to pretend that the virus wasn’t still raging and would simply go away if they stoped talking about it.  This bizarre form of magical thinking seems to spring directly from Trump himself–reality is whatever he wants it to be, all facts and evidence be damned.  It’s an insane way to run a country, and his own supporters are now in harm’s way as Trump pretends that wearing a mask doesn’t matter to the spread of the virus–a notion that is proven wrong every day.

Another important news item eclipsed by the virus and the rioting and Trump’s constant chaos-making and scandal concerns the overt corruption by his administration.  One of the Covid relief packages authorized by Congress included over $600-billion in funds to bail out corporations, known as the Paycheck Protection Program.  But we’ve learned recently that Secretary Mnuchin does not want to disclose who the money went to.  It’s as if Mnuchin believes nobody will ever find out as long as he keeps his mouth shut.  But government watchdogs are sounding the alarm and now members of congress are raising their voices to ask where the hell all that money went, and to make sure it wasn’t given to Trump-friendly corporations in exchange for further campaign donations or other pay-for-play schemes.  Here’s good coverage by Catherine Rampell in the Washington Post:


Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”


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