Protests continued yesterday and it seemed the contrast between protesters and looters/agitators was becoming clearer.  The vast majority of protesters have been peaceful and non-violent, and the bulk of the protesting has occurred during the day.  But as each evening sets in, other people are taking advantage of the relatively empty business districts (due to the pandemic) as well as the preoccupation by police with the protesters, and looting.  Some people are also using the vacuum to vent their rage and destroy/deface property, both anarchists and supremacists.  Now the media and the police are becoming increasingly aware of this important distinction.  Protesters are going out of their way to distance themselves from looters and troublemakers because these activities are antithetical to the issue of social justice, especially equal treatment of black citizens by law enforcement and the justice system.  And it’s important that we continue to support the protesters and denounce the others.

Trump continued to suffer blowback yesterday from his ridiculous photo-op at the St John’s Church near the White House.  Former military brass, Republican commentators and even some Republican politicians joined Democrats to denounce Trump’s brutal and unAmerican treatment of protesters prior to the photo-op.  In case you missed it, we posted on the ITFIO Facebook page the resignation letter of James Miller from the Defense Science Board run by Secretary Mark Esper.  Miller slammed Esper and Trump in his letter, impugning their integrity and suggesting that they violated their oaths of office in their treatment of peaceful protesters for Trump’s photo-op.  It’s a must-read.

In other good news, racist incumbent Iowa congressman Steve King lost his primary contest yesterday and won’t be returning to the House next term.  The Republican winner probably has a strong chance of keeping the seat for the GOP, but it’s not a lock, especially with Trump hurting down-ballot candidates.

It was also reported yesterday that Trump and the RNC decided to move their 2020 convention out of North Carolina because the NC governor insisted they use masks and social distancing.  But Trump, determined to risk the lives of Republicans for the sake of adulation, wants a “normal” convention where his cult can pump his ego. And if his poll numbers continue to slip, he’ll need emotional support.  Nate Silver of 538blog reported yesterday that Trump’s disapproval rating hit 54%, noting that “no president has had a higher *disapproval* rating than Trump now has.”

Another in-case-you-missed-it item, Congressman Antonio Delgado published a fascinating and poignant op-ed in the Washington Post about his experience as a black man in America and why protesting is only important if it leads more of us to voting.  Here’s a link:

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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