Trump spoke to farmers in Virginia yesterday and bragged about all the help he and the federal government are giving them.  Billions and billions in aid, both from the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program and from the CARES Act and the Commodity Credit Corporation Charter Act. Trump observed “you can go back to Abraham Lincoln and there’s no President that’s treated the farmers like Trump.” In other words, no president has created so many farm bankruptcies during a time of economic growth than Trump did with his destructive and useless tariffs.  And no president has had to bail out so many farmers to the tune of so many billions than Trump–even before Covid struck.  He’s like an arsonist who looks for adoration and applause when he puts his own fire out.  But alas, due to the pandemic, the largest farming conglomerates will now have access to billions in aid, so it looks like, to some degree, Trump has been able to buy them off, not with good policy but with the Federal Treasury.

Trump pretends to care about farmers even though his actions bankrupted so many of them, but a group that Trump does not appear to care about is the National Guard.  His regime announced yesterday that they will end the deployment of forty-thousand-plus guard members assisting with coronavirus relief across the country ONE DAY before many of them will become eligible for federal benefits like moving their retirement up by three months and getting 40% off tuition at public universities.  The move was criticized by lawmakers as unnecessary and mean-spirited, and many fear it could contribute to a second wave of infection later in the year as states ease restrictions.

All fifty states are now easing restrictions to one degree or another, and already some states are seeing their infection rates mushroom.  Since most states and municipalities don’t have enough tests or contract tracers to do robust, effective containment of the virus, the only measure left is rigorous social distancing and mask wearing, yet many people are resisting these essential tools, which will create more suffering.  The largest daily increases in Covid cases are now occurring in the midwest, in areas where residents thought the virus was an urban, coastal problem.  And the only reason they thought this was from listening to the president and/or the Fox network.  But the virus doesn’t care where you get your information or mis-information.

Rep Delgado has been working on several important pieces of legislation to help our neighbors who are suffering from the covid outbreak, including farmers and emergency responders and front-line medical staff and small business owners and unemployed workers. The most recent, dubbed the Heroes Act, has stalled in the Senate, where Moscow Mitch McConnell refuses to consider it.  The nation is reeling from a deadly health crisis and Moscow Mitch does nothing but confirm judges and rubber-stamp Trump’s negligent and incompetent handling of the pandemic.

Rep Delgado is holding his tenth telephone town hall TOMORROW so if you have any questions about the work he’s doing, have concern about local issues, or want to know what is happening in the halls of Congress, join his call by dialing 855-905-3295 at 4:30pm.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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