Happy Monday.  The past weekend featured many of the things we’ve come to expect from the corrupt Trump regime.  We saw a Friday night purge of another Inspector General, this one at the State Department who was reportedly investigating Mike Pompeo for misuse of office.  Pompeo allegedly told Trump to fire the IG, so it looks like a purely retaliatory firing designed to hide wrongdoing by flushing the investigator–an act that would be a firestorm scandal in any other administration, but in Trump’s corrupt world, it’s the fourth IG fired this year and merely par for the course.

Trump also spent much time tweeting and attacking his enemies and critics, including former President Obama, who participated in a Class of 2020 tele-graduation ceremony on Saturday night.  Obama criticized the handling of the epidemic in Washington, clearly implying that Trump and his circle were incompetent, and Trump of course flew into a tantrum of “Obamagate” nonsense.  It was heartbreaking to hear Obama speak to graduating students and be reminded so clearly of how superior he is to Trump in every conceivable way.  The contrast couldn’t be more stark.  Obama was encouraging and generous and thoughtful and dignified and presidential.  When Trump gives a commencement address (at Bob Jones University, perhaps) it will be all about Trump and his great this and terrific that and how unfair everybody has been to him and how his ratings are the best of anybody who has ever lived and how he knows more about commencement speeches than anyone, trust me, and the graduates should all want to be great like Trump and blah blah blah.  Trump is a buffoon and it must eat him alive to know deep down that he’s a phony and a fraud, which is why he’s so obsessed with Obama.

The coronavirus continues to spread across rural areas, and while the overall numbers are down thanks to social distancing, there remain many regional hot-spots that are in crisis.  It was reported recently that Covid-19 may be more easily spread than originally thought.  Initial estimates suggested that every infected person spreads it to roughly 2 other people.  But some researchers now believe each infected could spread it to 5 people, which has huge implications for our ongoing response and to the threshold where herd immunity would start to work (it’s much higher if 5 versus 2).  In a speech over the weekend Trump said whether or not we have a vaccine, “we’re back.” But his wishful fantasy of “being back” is not dependent on opening businesses, but rather on consumers feeling safe enough to get out and risk their lives to spend money.  At this point, many states are giving up on Trump and the feds and moving forward on their own.  The Washington Post quoted Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut saying:

“It seems that the most important decision the president makes every day is whether he does a press conference and, if so, what time…At this point, I think the president has proved to be so incompetent that most of us in Connecticut don’t want him or the people that work for him micromanaging our response.”

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Trump and his supporters are increasingly frantic and desperate to rehabilitate Trump’s image in the wake of the coronavirus catastrophe, as their ads and rhetoric confirm.  Trump keeps talking about his “amazing” response to the virus, “better than anybody would have believed,” and keeps lying about our testing prowess.  But it’s all talk and no action.  His surrogates are trying to tear down Barack Obama, using the bogus “Obamagate” nonsense to pretend something untoward happened three years ago and implicate, by extension, Joe Biden.  They fly into a frenzy that Obama’s administration “unmasked” Michael Flynn without mentioning that unmasking happens all the time, it’s part of the national security process, and the Trump regime has made far more unmasking requests than any prior administration.  Eric Trump took to the Fox network to push the grotesque claim that the coronavirus was a Democratic hoax and would “magically” disappear after the election in November.  But the more extreme their propaganda becomes, the more desperate and ridiculous they seem to everyone but their hardcore base.  We have to be ready for an onslaught of lies and filth and wild accusations and smears because that’s all the Trump team have in their election toolbox.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”


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