Here’s the midweek roundup:

The judge in the Michael Flynn lying-to-the-FBI case took another step against the DOJ yesterday, asking a retired judge to argue against the DOJ in court when Barr files his motion to abandon the case.  The presiding judge also asked the retired judge to consider whether Flynn perjured himself to the court by swearing his guilt since he now seems to be claiming that he is, in fact, not guilty.  It would be an extraordinary development if the process ends up rebuking Barr and the DOJ, and/or placing a jail sentence on Flynn, but at a minimum, it seems Barr is at great risk of further humiliation here.

Though there’s little doubt that Trump and his corrupt henchman Barr tilt and pervert the justice system to favor their friends and potential co-conspirators, that reality was emphasized again yesterday as convicted felon Paul Manafort was released from jail and confined to his home to protect him from a possible coronavirus outbreak. Manafort did not fulfill any of the requirements for early or protective release, yet it happened anyway.  Meanwhile, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, serving time at a prison with a worse corona outbreak, has been denied home release.  Thus far, the DOJ has intervened to reduce the sentence of loyal Trump friend Roger Stone; to vacate the prosecution of loyal Trump friend Michael Flynn, who already plead guilty under oath to crimes twice; to give loyal Trump friend Paul Manafort early home release even though he didn’t qualify; and to deny vocal Trump opponent Michael Flynn the same early home release even though he’s more at risk if illness.  See a corrupt pattern here?

Rep Jerry Nadler said yesterday the he wants Barr to testify before the House on June 9th to answer questions about the ethics of these and other actions, noting that Nadler is ready to use the subpoena power of Congress–as well as the power to fine–if Barr refuses.  But Barr is so full of himself that he will likely show up and do his usual shading of the truth and parsing of language.  He’s an excellent liar, as he’s proved in prior testimony to Congress, so perhaps the Reps can do a better job next time of exposing his preposterous positions, abuses of power, and betrayals of his oath of office.

The phone of Republican Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina was confiscated by the FBI with a warrant yesterday after Burr (and his brother-in-law) allegedly sold stock immediately after a classified hearing on the looming coronavirus crisis in February–before the market tanked.  The stock sales smelled to high heaven, and the feds now want to know the timing of events leading to the sales.

The conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court yesterday struck down (5-4) the Democratic Governor’s stay at home orders, throwing the state into chaos.  It’s unclear who has authority now, and many residents will certainly leave their homes and mingle as a result of the ruling.  The mess  highlights the importance of electing state judges who are qualified and nonpartisan, rather than activist clowns whose only loyalty is to a Koch-funded think tank or foundation or society.

Rep Delgado is holding another tele-town-hall TODAY at 4:30pm.  You can join by calling 855-905-3295 at 4:30.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”


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