Trump spent his weekend rage tweeting from a White House that’s become a coronavirus hot-spot.  Several White House aides have become infected and several members of Trump’s team are self-quarantining including Doctor Fauci.  VP Pence, whose press secretary became infected, was rumored to be in self quarantine but later denied it.  It’s hard to imagine any of Trump’s inner circle avoiding Covid as long as they refuse to follow physical distancing and mask wearing.  Their phony-tough posture is no match for the real pandemic.

It’s also hard to hide from the numbers that have happened on Trump’s watch:

14.7% unemployment rate

33 million Americans jobless

80,000 deaths and counting

1,300,000 infected and counting

No wonder Trump has been freaking out.  Trump began tweeting early Sunday morning and spit out a tweet roughly every five minutes for several hours.  He railed against the Mueller investigation (and newly released documents from Rep Adam Schiff) and the ‘unfair witch-hunt’ against Mike Flynn, as well as against President Obama. Obama held a meeting of advisers recently and commented that Trump’s handling of the virus had been a “chaotic disaster” and said of Barr’s withdrawal of charges against Mike Flynn, “the rule of law is at risk.”

Barr was chastised in a NY Times op-ed this weekend by the for Assistant Attorney General for National Security who was part of the Flynn case.  It’s a fascinating read:

It’s easy to see Barr’s actions as profoundly unethical and unAmerican–unless you are part of the Trump cult, who, like their dear leader, have been feeling increasingly under attack, and thus increasingly unhinged and desperate.  In case you don’t follow right wing social media, it has devolved into terrifying and delusional fever-dream of garbage.  To them, the FBI and CIA were a cabal of liberal-loving traitors in cahoots with Obama–OBAMAGATE!–who went after Trump because they hated him for planning to destroy the “deep state,” manufacturing charges against Flynn to bankrupt him with legal fees because they didn’t like how he was running his agency and all the Dems are traitors who should be jailed and hung and we’ve compiled lists of all the traitors and soon Trump is going to pull the trigger and send that amazing hero Barr to arrest and chain up and ship Pelosi and Schiff and Comey and Mueller to camps for trial along with Fauci who was part of a plot with China to profit off of virus patents while trying to infect and kill all of conservative America and wearing a mask makes you MORE likely to catch the plague and…you get the picture.  The Trump cult is now living in fucking crazy town. And Trump has been retweeting some of this nonsense, giving it greater reach.

The far right knows that Trump is their last chance.  The demographics are going hard against them, and they (barely) won last time by a trifecta of lucky breaks and flukes.  So expect the extremists to become increasingly desperate and unhinged.  Expect the armed militant types to intimidate and perhaps even resort to violence.  If Trump can’t win again in November, there won’t be a Republican in the White House again for a long while.  Hell, Texas is already a purple state, and when it goes blue, it’s game over for Republican presidential hopefuls.  So they are going to do whatever they can to win, even if they have to cheat and smear and suppress and lie and stoke fear and play every dirty trick in the book.  Be prepared.

But don’t just take my word for it.  Weekend papers were flush with articles about the looming electoral disaster that Republicans are facing.  The Senate could flip and Trump’s numbers are the worse they’ve been since he was elected.  Some down-ballot Republicans are already starting to distance themselves from Trump and his policies.  Trump wants the economy to re-open but few are going to comply until they feel safe, and right now they don’t feel safe.  Little has changed in seven weeks of lockdown.  Trump should have spent the time supercharging a national testing and PPE response, but instead whined about Democrats and their “hoax” while the virus spread.  If they continue to flail and leave everything up to the states, it will only prolong the crisis, increase the risks and uncertainty, and make it harder for the nation to emerge from the pandemic.  Trump’s advisers are already saying the unemployment rate will like go above 20% next month, and who knows after that?  Meanwhile, the longer the economic crisis goes, the more we risk a dangerous cycle where businesses don’t have enough customers to hire more workers, and thus not enough people will have jobs that enable them to patronize businesses.  Economists agree that this is a very deadly and difficult cycle to break.

The Supreme Court this week will hear arguments about whether Congress has a right to see Trump’s taxes, so stay tuned to this crucial story.  Legal observers predict that Trump will lose, but his new minions on the court may be able to protect him–to the nation’s detriment.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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