Donald Trump’s sheer incompetence is often matched by his callousness.  And these two character defects, on full display over the past few weeks, continue to push Trump toward stunning lies, distortions and decisions.  Despite daily deaths from Covid rising outside the New York metropolitan area, and despite the death totals constantly outpacing predictions, Trump is somehow claiming that the pandemic phase of Covid is behind us and the back-to-normal phase has begun. He suggested yesterday that the White House pandemic task force will be disbanded soon and replaced with a different set of “experts” to guide us through re-opening, giving reporters his own twisted version of “mission accomplished!”.  Who needs a pandemic task force in the middle of a pandemic??  The career experts within our government, like Doctor Fauci, are always ready and available but Trump instead pulls in his own “experts” to advise him, often campaign donors or boot-licking loyalists who will shower Trump with praise while peddling their own bullshit–and, like their dear leader, never admitting error.  Paul Krugman had a great take in the NY Times on the clown-posse of advisers currently in the White House entitled “Trump and His Infallible Advisers:”

In the midst of a historic and tragic pandemic, we are now seeing the lethal cost of electing a profoundly incompetent man to the presidency, who in turn hired only the worst and most unqualified people to staff his regime.  Trump’s daily corona pressers have stripped bare the fact that his entire personality, his entire plan, his entire way of operating in the world centers around selling lies.  His presidency has been nothing more than a facade, a fiction, that Trump and his enablers lie into existence and keep insisting is real even when every shred of evidence proves them wrong.  Trump never cared about stopping the virus.  He only cared about appearing to stop the virus. He never cared about helping working Americans; only about creating the illusion that he would help.  He never cared about ethics or transparency or the Constitution, he just gave them dishonest lip service.  He never cared about being a successful businessman (and he never was one–it was too much work and required talent); only about projecting the image of being a successful businessman–an image easily purchased by his illegally obtained $400 million inheritance.

Trump has become a prolific practitioner of Josef Goebbels’ infamous “big lie” and the feckless Republican party has joined him, aided by Fox.  Trump is now trying to sell the lie that his “great” response to the pandemic has allowed us to focus on re-opening the economy, even though the death toll continues to rise and even his internal modeling suggests the worst is yet to come.  Forget that Kushner failed to open up “thousands” of drive thru testing sites and instead recruited friends who bungled their PPE-sourcing mission.  Forget the promises made by Trump and Pence for millions of tests-per-day that never materialized.  Forget the historic and rising unemployment numbers that are approaching the levels of the Great Depression.  Forget the international summit that took place on Monday in Europe to speed up the vaccine process, a conference that saw minimal participation and ZERO leadership from the United States.  Forget the Trump cult’s sabotage and scapegoating of our virus experts and our lockdown protocols–cheered on by Trump.  Forget the fact that our per-capita numbers are worse than every other advanced nation, most notably South Korea, whose president did a significantly better job of preparing his country for the looming disaster than Trump did.

Trump is busy building the next facade.  He did a “great” job!  Only 100,000 dead–or whatever!

To quote Cyrus McQueen, a comedian on Twitter (NSFW):  “I’m not risking my life around a buncha people in the park…I’m not risking it at a beach, restaurant or the movies…But best believe I will risk it all on November 3rd to vote this motherfucker out…I’ll wear a damn hazmat suit if I have to…”

In local news, a judge ruled yesterday that New York State must move forward with a Democratic primary, striking down Governor Cuomo’s postponement and cancellation.  More from the New York Daily News here:

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”


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