It’s only Wednesday and already VP Mike Pence has (A) told a ridiculous and bumbling lie to reporters at a presser about promised testing capabilities while covering for Trump’s disastrous inaction on the coronavirus, and (B) refused to wear a mask while touring the Mayo Clinic to greet doctors and sick patients despite the clinic telling him beforehand that wearing masks was their policy AND despite the fact that Pence is the official Trump-regime Covid-19 Czar–and should be modeling “best practices” for the nation.  It was the sad but predictable answer to the question, “What happens when an arrogant and radical religious fundamentalist who doesn’t believe in science desperately tries to please his megalomaniacal boss?”

(Here’s coverage of Pence’s lie:

And that boss yesterday also told a pack of lies, including trying to blame his weak and impotent response to the pandemic on others, saying he “inherited a very broken test.”  The test Trump was referring to was developed in 2020 by the CDC, so it wasn’t something he inherited but rather something hastily developed on his watch after he rejected the test offered to us by the World Health Organization.

Trump also yesterday declared our nation’s meat supply “critical” (which, as a vegan, I would strenuously argue it’s not) and ordered slaughterhouses to stay open–without requiring them to adopt safety measures to keep their already-stressed workers from getting sick and possibly dying as has been happening in many slaughterhouses and processing plants around the nation.  Whether it’s irresponsible “get back to work” orders, the elimination of public safety regulations to keep our air and water clean, the destruction of women’s health clinics, or the caging of children and toddlers at the border, Trump’s Republican cult has firmly solidified itself as the “pro death” party.  They don’t care who gets hurt or dies as long as their greedy corporate and CEO overlords can continue to accumulate obscene wealth.

Lost in the recent coverage of the coronavirus emergency has been the fact that Trump and his regime continue to operate as the most corrupt administration in our lifetimes, and perhaps in the history of our Republic.  An excellent interactive article recently appeared in the American Prospect that provides a compelling and horrifying overview of the ways each federal agency under Trump has been turned toward self-dealing and corruption.  Check it out here:

On the local front, Rep Antonio Delgado will hold yet another tele-town-hall this Friday, May 1st, at 4:30pm to discuss the federal resources available to assist residents affected by the coronavirus.  Dial 855-905-3295 to join in.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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