Trump spend his weekend hiding from the media firestorm created by his inane musings about using UV light and disinfectants against coronavirus.  At first, Trump’s people said his comments were merely sarcasm directed at a questioning reporter.  But video showed nothing of the sort.  Trump’s people later said he was just “thinking out loud” about the tools we’ve been using to fight the virus outside the body.  But Trump “thinking out loud” only demonstrates how dangerously witless, ignorant and pathetic his thought process is, and how thoroughly unfit he is for public office of any kind.

Trump showed up for his daily resentment rally on Friday but took no questions from reporters, clearly cowed by the embarrassing storm of ridicule his comments had unleashed.  And over the weekend Trump didn’t hold his usual coronavirus pressers, instead tweeting that they were pointless if the lame-stream media was only going to ask hostile questions and not report the facts.  He was clearly pissed and resentful, like he usually is.  But some of Trump’s distress must have come from the latest polling suggesting that Trump and the GOP could be in big trouble this November.  Not only are Trump’s approval numbers falling amid his catastrophic mishandling of the pandemic, but now a number of Senate seats held by Republicans are looking increasingly vulnerable as Democratic challengers have significantly out-raised them in the latest quarter, and polls are showing growing disaffection with their ties to Trump.  Needless to say, the polls are often wrong and it will take ALL OF US to vote Trump out of office.

Rumors were swirling over the weekend that HHS Secretary Alex Azar may be in danger of losing his job over his handling of the pandemic, but the White House denied those rumors.  It would be in character for Trump to fire Azar and blame the disastrous handling of the pandemic on him and China and the WHO rather than his own laziness and inaction.  Stay tuned.

Much discussion about reopening the economy also took place over the weekend, with several states planning to ease off restriction in early May despite a continuing lack of widespread, effective, reliable testing and virtually no infrastructure yet in place to do contact tracing.  It’s disconcerting to see conservatives on social media push the Fox lie that Covid-19 is no more deadly than the flu.  They often use a testing report from Stanford that has not yet been peer reviewed, and whose methodology has been criticized, that suggests that the actual death rate from coronavirus is only .10 to .12 percent because many more people have been exposed that was previously believed.  But if this is true, then almost EVERYONE in NYC has already been exposed because .12 percent of the NYC population has already died of Covid-19, and we know from testing that only 1/4 to 1/5 of NYC residents test positive for antibodies.  So don’t let the “bad flu” propaganda go unchallenged.  It’s simply wrong.  When was the last time flu season overwhelmed our hospital system and forced elective surgeries to halt?  Ridiculous.

Rep Antonio Delgado will hold Q&A TODAY at 3pm about keeping our seniors and older citizens safe and healthy, in conjunction with AARP.  You can register for the session at this link:

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has been working hard to save the US Postal Service and wrote a good op-ed about it over the weekend.  It’s worth reading:

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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