Over 25,000 Americans have now died of Covid-19 and yesterday saw a single day mortality record of 2,228.  Over 600,000 are infected and counting, yet Trump used his daily grievance-presser to suggest that some states may be able to “open up” even sooner than (the already unrealistic) May 1st target.  “The day will be very close,” said Trump, declaring that soon he will “authorize the governors” to open up their economies even though this isn’t a power he has. He can’t overrule a state governor’s shutdown anymore than he can force a closed business to open.  It’s laughable.  And yet it’s one of the lies he’s been peddling.

Trump also explicitly abdicated responsibility for testing by shoving that duty onto the individual states. “Governors are supposed to do the testing,” decreed the man whose campaign slogan was, “I alone can fix it.” Few presidential decisions in the last century have been so spineless and nakedly political.  Trump doesn’t want to take responsibility for anything huge and difficult that would constantly remind us of his initial failure to respond.  So he’s sidelining the power and resources of the federal government and forcing states to take on a roll that is uniquely suited for the federal government.  It’s a historic and consequential outrage, and we’ll just have to add it to the mountain of other Trump outrages that we’ve collected over 3+ years.  To summarize the last two days:

Trump demands TOTAL authority along with ZERO responsibility.

Trump also used his presser yesterday to attack the World Health Organization (WHO), accusing them of almost all the things he is guilty of: coddling China; minimizing the risks; lying about the spread; waiting too long to act.  It’s Trump’s way of building a boogeyman that he can blame for the thousands of deaths that he himself is now being blamed for.  But his sagging poll numbers, along with the GOP’s humiliating defeat in Wisconsin two days ago, suggest that America has already decided Trump has failed the test of history.

The Trump regime later announced it was suspending US support for the WHO–in the middle of a deadly pandemic–pending a review.  The policy bolsters Trump’s core brand: cruelty.

Adding insult to misery, it was also reported last night that the US Treasury was delaying the $1,200 stimulus checks (for those without direct deposit) so it could print Donald Trump’s name on the memo line of each check.  Sure, millions of our fellow citizens are living on the razor’s edge of ruin, waiting hours in food-pantry lines, unable to sleep for fear of the future, but King Trump needs to plaster his name on a check to stroke his ego no matter the cost.  Man of the people!  King Donald “Joffrey” Trump!

On a positive note, Barack Obama released a video yesterday endorsing Joe Biden for president, praising and thanking Bernie Sanders, and reminding us that elections matter.


The video also reminds us what a real president is like.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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