The rate of increase in new coronavirus cases is starting to slow in New York even though the death toll continues its grim march upward.  In his daily presser Governor Cuomo struck a somewhat positive tone yesterday saying that physical distancing was working and the curve was bending. But we have a long way to go.

Trump’s daily presser was a different story.  Faced with standard probing questions from reporters yesterday, Trump’s annoyance and insecurity sent him flying off the rails, attacking the reporters and cutting them off to boast of his own “great response” to Covid-19.  Trump touted his (faux) “shutdown” of travel from China and was then asked by Paula Reid of CBS what he had done in February with the time the China shutdown bought him.  Trump threw a tantrum and said to the reporter, “You know you’re a fake,” then once again brought up his approval numbers.  The fact is, Trump did NOTHING in February and continues to whine and wail when anyone brings it up.  Anderson Cooper last night on CNN called February “Trump’s lost month” and White House correspondent Jim Acosta said that Trump’s presser was “the biggest meltdown I have ever seen from a president.”

Trump knew that he was already facing an uphill battle to be reelected before the pandemic struck, and now he’s becoming increasingly desperate as his numbers sag and each day he tries–and fails–to twist the facts on prime-time television.  Yesterday Trump even played what amounted to a campaign advertisement during his presser that was, if not illegal, an entirely unethical move.  Using taxpayer money to fund a presser during a national emergency and then showing blatant (and dishonest) propaganda meant to bolster a candidacy was just the latest low from an historically corrupt president.  But it was also a measure of his desperation and anxiety.  As his number sink, Trump’s innate and singular response is to exert his will harder to bullshit the nation during the next presser.  But the harder he tries, the more everyone sees a vapid, vengeful, vain, incompetent buffoon shining through.  He screwed up the pandemic response.  Then he doubled down by pushing all responsibility to the states, revealing his own impotence.  And too many people now see the truth.  The Emperor has no clothes.

If you want proof of Trump’s political vulnerability, look no further than Wisconsin.  The results from last week’s primary and local election came in yesterday and despite historic voter suppression, including the GOP refusing to reschedule and forcing residents to vote in person during a deadly pandemic, the race for State Supreme Court Justice was won by the Democratic challenger Jill Karofsky!  She won by a whopping 160,000 vote margin in a state that Trump won by a mere 23,000 votes in 2016.  Wisconsin Democrats risked death to send Trump and the GOP a message–“Enough.”

A Democrat winning by that margin in a battleground state despite all of the obstacles put up by the GOP must have conservatives and the Trump campaign seething in a cold sweat.  It’s certainly nothing for any activist to get complacent about, but it’s a good sign.  Personally, I’ll crawl across broken glass to vote in the 2020 election, even if I’m forced to enter the polling place in a full hazmat suit.  Let’s continue to push for funds for the United States Postal Service and mail-in-voting.  They’re both critical.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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