As the NYC death toll mounts and US coronavirus cases approach 400,000 let’s not lose sight of the fact that we’re living under the most corrupt presidency in modern times and likely in US history.  In just the last three days Trump has fired two Inspector Generals, the one who notified Congress about Trump’s Ukraine call (Michael Atkinson) and the one overseeing the newly authorized coronavirus pandemic relief (Glenn Fine).  Senator Chuck Schumer called the ousting of Fine “corrupt” and other Democrats in DC screamed that Trump was politicizing what has traditionally been a non-political function–the oversight of our agencies.

The firings were so out of the ordinary that Rep Adam Schiff fired off a letter to the acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Ric Grenell–who has not been Senate confirmed–to appear before the House by April 16 to explain the apparent politicization of the IG community, as well as reports that DNI staffers have not kept Congress informed about threats to our elections.  Schiff writes:

I am writing to express my concern that you are pursuing organizational and personnel changes at the office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) without consulting and seeking authorization from Congress and in a manner that undermines critical intelligence functions.

By removing the inspectors during a time of national crisis, Trump makes it easier for himself and his goon squad (Mnuchin, Pompeo) to misappropriate funds for friends as political favors or payola in an opaque and undetectable manner.  But the media has been too distracted by Trump’s colossal coronavirus failure to show outrage at this otherwise epic IG-purge scandal.  As the writer Eric Boehlert warned yesterday on Twitter:

“US media has no experience in covering authoritarian regimes.”

One of the many other things Inspector Generals should look at as the Feds attempt to allocate trillions in pandemic aid are the dollars going to Trump businesses and properties.  And perhaps most importantly, the loans.  As the economy reels and the hotel and hospitality industry craters, Trump’s businesses have been devastated.  He’s already laid off or furloughed over 1,500 workers and many of his properties are mortgaged.  A report surfaced this week that Trump Org was seeking debt relief from its major creditor Deutsche Bank, which is a RED ALERT conflict of interest.  Trump’s failing businesses should not get any sort of preferential treatment from a bank under investigation by his own Justice Department.  If DB decided not to collect on the loans, it would be considered a massive financial gift to Trump in an election year.  So it’s easy to wonder which of two bad choices DB would forced to make.  Cross the president or give him an expensive gift.

Just as sleazy, Trump has been mysteriously pushing the immune-blocking drug hydroxychloroquine–commonly used to treat lupus–to treat Covid even though it has yet to be proven clinically effective.  Trump can’t stop talking about it and reporters have been wondering about this fixation.  It turns out that the maker of hydroxycholorquine is Sanofi, and Trump has a small stake in the company.  Further, Sanofi gave Trump lawyer Michael Cohen $1.2-million for access to Trump.  But the real motivator has been Rudy Giuliani and the Fox Channel, who have been pushing the drug relentlessly as a way to pretend there is some good news on the coronavirus front and to justify their constant lie that coronavirus isn’t as big a crisis as the libs say it is.

Finally, acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly resigned yesterday after criticizing recently fired and beloved Navy Captain Brett Crozier.  Modly criticized Crozier for sending a letter that Crozier should have known would be leaked to the media.  Modly made this criticism during a speech to the men of Crozier’s ship–that was later leaked to the media.  Modly is just the latest unqualified lackey appointed by Trump to go down in flames, incapable of performing at even a mediocre level.  Asked about Modly in the daily mini-Maga-rally presser, Trump responded he didn’t know the man.  So of course, a photo surfaced of Trump and Modly sitting together at the Army-Navy football game last December.

Trump will never stop being a pathological liar.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

And never forget the Seventy Days.


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