The national death toll from coronavirus topped 10,000 yesterday with New York State registering close to 5,000 deaths and New York City with 2,738.  Governor Cuomo said in his presser yesterday that the curve does seem to be “plateauing” and that we could see the apex of the outbreak in New York sometime this week–assuming we all continue physical distancing.

Trending on social media was the hashtag #70Days, referring to various reports of the days between Trump knowing about the impending coronavirus outbreak and finally taking (meagre) action. Michael Gerson in the Washington Post wrote about this yesterday:

The first line of history’s judgment on the Trump administration has already been written: For 70 days the president slept as the novel coronavirus spread. President Trump’s coronavirus response became a spectacular failure of competence. But it began as a failure of imagination. As the evidence of a dangerous virus mounted, Trump could not conceive of a problem immune to his peculiar brand of “leadership.”


This should be our rallying cry as we head into the 2020 election.  “Seventy Days!”

Former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice went even further yesterday in an interview with WaPo writer Jonathan Capehart, saying about Trump:

“He has demonstrated utter lack of leadership, utter incompetence. And he’s been profoundly dishonest about the nature of the threat to the American people by downplaying it, by dismissing it, by comparing it to the flu. … He has misled the American people to such an extent that lives have been lost in the process,” responded Rice. “Whether that’s because he didn’t care or he was trying to downplay the problem and buoy his electoral prospects mistakenly, or whether it was to buck up the markets, or because he doesn’t care, I don’t know what it was. I just know that he has cost tens of thousands of American lives.”


Trump is going to scrape and claw to push his lie about being on top of things, “knowing it was a pandemic before anyone else.”  But it’s all bullshit.  We know that Trump is a pathological liar and control freak and he has to do his daily mini-MAGA-rally pressers because without them the media would be reporting nothing but his abject failure to lead during this historic crisis.  He’s desperately trying to control the narrative but thousands and thousands of deaths are hard to minimize and distract us from.  And we simply cannot let any distraction or propaganda happen.  Sure, his cult of haters will believe what he says, but millions of people in America have already been devastated financially by Trump’s blunders, and millions more will be touched by the deaths and permanent health damage this virus does to people they know and love.  We have to make sure they know that Covid didn’t get out of control because of Obama or “her emails” or libtards being mean to King Trump.  It got out of control because Trump did nothing despite multiple dire warnings from inside his own administration.  A lot of blood is on his hands.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

Today’s blog is dedicated to Andy Kowalczyk who died last night in Coral Gables, Florida, from Covid-19 after two weeks on a ventilator.  Sad. Tragic. And unnecessary.

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