The coronavirus death toll mounted over the weekend, with NYC suffering around 2,472 deaths.  But the rate of growth seems to be slowly lowering in the New York City area, which is bracing for what will surely be the worst week yet. Many of the people hospitalized and dying this coming week will have been infected two and three weeks ago, so the bending of the curve should kick in as long as enough people were able to physically distance.  According to Governor Cuomo:

“We could be either very near the apex or the apex could be a plateau and we could be on that plateau right now.  We won’t know until you see the next few days. Does it go up, does it go down?”

Doctor Fauci over the weekend said that as many as half of the people infected with the virus could be asymptomatic, which would partly explain its explosive spread–and would also underscore the urgent need to continue vigilant social distancing.  Until we have antibody testing we won’t have any accurate sense of how widespread the infection is, and that could be a long way off.  We still don’t even have enough Covid tests for the hospitals despite promises weeks ago from Trump and Pence.  It’s become clear in recent days that the federal government has abdicated its traditional role as quarterback of the national crisis, forcing the states to fend for themselves.  Trump’s only response for his failure to marshal resources and coordinate distribution was to say “we’re the backup,” which was a cop-out masquerading as justification.  He failed to respond for seventy days and now he’s using “backup” as a fig leaf to hide his mistake.  And his cult is probably stupid enough to buy it even though they only have to look at the raw numbers to see the evidence of failure.  Our response to the pandemic is now the world’s worst.

Because Trump and his regime hate government, they are monumentally bad at running government, and it’s turning into a massive problem for the millions of Americans trying to rely on the government to stay afloat during the shutdown.  Government agencies charged with helping citizens who run small businesses or with helping people get unemployment benefits or other social services are stumbling badly.  The Washington Post published an article by Jeff Stein about the disastrous rollout of the “stimulus” effort by Trump’s goon squad:

We can all hope that America survives this level of official incompetence, but it certainly won’t survive four more years of Trump in the White House.  His inaction and intransigence are costing thousands of lives and we can never forgive nor forget.  We have to make sure (1) that there is an election this November, and (2) that there is broad voting access including mail-in ballot if need be.  Senator Klobuchar is pushing a bill that would expand voting and authorize mail-in ballots on a federal level.  We should all support it.  One of my favorite tweets of the weekend touched on this issue, by Texan Harold Cook (@HCookAustin):

I will literally wade through a primordial ooze of deadly coronavirus this November if I have to, in order do my part to defeat Trump and every other Republican I can find on my ballot. If it’s the last thing I do it would be a worthy last thing.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”


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